SS Great Britain 🇬🇧

Hi all,

Today my family and I went to Bristol to see the SS Great Britain, it was incredible. It was all coming from maybe the greatest engineer of all time.

Brunel, he was an outstanding engineer and created and built many of the uk’s best buildings:

  • The ship SS Great Britain
  • The Clifton Suspension Bridge
  • Other Ships
  • Many Tunnels, including the box tunnel

This was maybe the most interesting part, you go into Brunel’s mind (Plastic round face) and watch a 4D movie!

Also when coming down from a crew looking bridge on top deck I fell from the top step all the way to the bottom, I was in pieces. I wouldn’t have minded if I had gone down straight on my bum!

I think my worst part is my foot, I twisted and turned it on the way down and I can not put any weight on it. It kills when I accidentally put any weight on it.

I also found out I liked sausage rolls!!

From Caerwyn

The sausage roll lover and the faller down steps person!!

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