The official two days of madness

Hello everyone,

Today and Yesterday have been full of madness, they have been so busy. Today me, my mum, my sister and my auntie went for a day out watching a film and doing some garden shopping. (Gardening comes in everywhere!) Yesterday we (Me and my dad) built two planters for our little allotment.

Yesterday me and my dad built two planters, one is completely finished and the other is just the frame. I sort of helped and fussed around in the greenhouse, trying to tidy everything up on one leg so as I would not have to put weight on my foot (See post title Trip to A&E!) I also, with the help of my granddad, managed to repot some of my large strawberries that I bought from Lidl, and managed to keep healthy until I had time to repot them into bigger pots.

So today I used the planter that was ready to have some plants to grow in there. I planted a red gooseberry bush and a blackberry bush, I also replanted a blueberry plant that had been in a separate pot on my decking. We replanted some rhubarb into bigger pots so they would have more growing room for the roots to stretch and grow larger. We sorted out some of the smaller plants so they are tidier and we took them in our house to protect them from the frost.

One of our newest editions to the allotment was our water butt, it has gutters coming of the greenhouse collecting healthy water that will be good for the plants. Before the water butt, I had to trek all the way back down to my mums baking room to fill it up the watering can, but with the water butt I can just pop outside the greenhouse and quickly collect nice healthy water in the watering can to allow me to water the plants with good water. I really does make a difference to my little but growing allotment.

This morning I was waiting, expecting my Auntie Anna to come round. Eventually she turned up. Oh and also of course a very special shoutout to her and here is a message, “I now know if you are actually reading my blog”! anyway back down to business, she came round and we got in the car and went to the cinema, we were quite a bit early so we went and sat down in Costa and ordered our drinks, and to be honest they were very nice!!

When it was time for the film, we went in to screen 3 to find the third seat we had booked was OUT OF ORDER! So here we went again to get other seats. The film was Peter Rabbit and i thought the movie was so good I couldn’t describe it, of course staring the great James Corden as Peter!

After our long trip to the Cinema we went to Frankie and Benny’s, it actually wasn’t very good. 😦 We had been quite a few times before but it had changed dramatically and really wasn’t for the better. The food was quite poor as was the service, but again over all it wasn’t that bad because even though it did have a few problems, my pizza was actually quite nice. 🙂

After our few hours of Cinema and food we went to a garden centre, that was really good. I bought some carrot seeds, so look out on this blog for tips how to grow carrots, when I decide to grow them and the process of growing them. I also got another cactus, I don’t think i have talked about them before so please look out because I will be trying to squeeze in some time to show you them. I’m sure I will!

And also if you have any corrections for this post or tips for me or even things for me to do/show how to do on this blog then please don’t hesitate to just contact me using the page in the menu either in the corner of your screen or on your toolbar.

I hope this is long enough and contains enough information, I really have spent some time doing and putting detail into this post. Please if you could comment to tell me how i am doing and what you think.

Thanks for all your support


6 thoughts on “The official two days of madness

  1. Never knew you had such green fingers! Can’t wait to hear how everything grows in your mini allotment. Did you put in special compost or manure? You’ll be winning all the prizes for the biggest and best produce. Valerie (and David)

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  2. Another great post (I told you I read it). The water butt sounds like a very useful addition. I’m looking forward to maybe learning a little more on how to look after cactus as I have one myself.

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