My Cactus Family, and a visit

Hey everyone,

Firstly I will start with my Cactus Family here’s a picture to start me off

The pointiest one is called Robert Plant, the Leavey one is called Ribena Plant and finally the baby one is called Bobbie Plant.

I love them so much and if any of you have a cactus yourself then please send me a picture and send me some tips so I can share them with everyone. You can send me a pic by simply contacting me on the designated page and I will reply to you on your email so then you can send it, hopefully you will have the chance to show me.

Next, today I went to another garden centre and here’s a pic

I’m there with a humungous spade coming out of some damp soil,

Me and my sister both bought seeds and plants. I bought some flowers (More on that tomorrow) and my sister got some purple carrot seeds and some baby sweetcorn!

Ok, really exciting news, tomorrow I am starting a bee course that will be every Sunday for a few weeks.

Check for news tomorrow,



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