Bee Course Session 2

Hello everyone,

Lovely to be writing today on the blog. Enough though it has been tipping it down here all day I did go to a bee ๐Ÿ course this morning and even the rain didn’t put a dampen on it.

Unfortunately we couldn’t see the bees because the weather would disturb them and just cause them to become distressed, instead we sat on chairs in the classroom and learnt about the bee colony,

By next time we will need to have read chapter 2 of this book,

Also when we had a quick dry spell I went for a wander down the garden and noticed this lovely camellia flower,

It honestly is my favourite flower I have ever seen!

Thanks everyone for reading today


2 thoughts on “Bee Course Session 2

  1. Hi Caerwyn, I am really enjoying reading about your bee course. I know someone who keeps bees in Harpenden (where we live) and he will be extremely pleased to hear of your enthusiasm. I can also understand why you love the perfection of the flower in the pic – I think it’s called a camelia. Can’t wait to read the next blog! Valerie

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