Spring has Sprung

Hi all,

There is a bright light in the sky! Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the sun!! Let’s hope today is not the summer and we have some fine, warm and dry weather to look forward to in the next few months.  The garden certainly needs it. The lawn is waterlogged.

Spring has definitely sprung here and all the outdoor plants are blooming. The lilies are sprouting, the blossom has blossomed and the daffs are dying back.

The greenhouse is very warm at the moment. The temperature in there was 27 degrees after school. Far too warm for me to sit in.

The strawberry plants I bought in Lidl about a month ago have flowers on them so hopefully I will have a few big juicy strawberries to look forward to in the coming weeks. I love strawberries.

The tomato plants are also growing well and the onions have green tops on them.  My mum likes onions so I hope they will grow nicely.  We are transplanting the tomato plants into grow bags tonight. That’s the final plant out for them as they will stay in the greenhouse and hopefully be plastered in juicy, tasty tomatoes.

We have managed to germinate loads of pea and bean seeds. I love runner beans and peas so I need them to grow as big as the giant beanstalk!!  I think we have a little way to go yet though.

The pumpkins are a few inches tall. They will take ages to grow and not be ready until October. I hope that we can keep them alive that long!

Mum potted on some sprouts after school. She likes potting on, it helps her relax after her busy day at work.  Gardening can be good for your health as it lowers blood pressure and gets you out in the fresh air.

My mums favourite plant is camellias and we have 14 of them. She keeps buying them as she loves them so much. They are all different. Camellias are special as they are evergreen, keeping lush green leaves all year round and produce amazing flowers in early spring, cheering you up after the dull, dark winter.

Yet you guessed it I had to add it in! My favourite picture of all time

Well I’m off to enjoy the last of the fine warm weather this evening before getting an early night.

Keeeeeep gardening!!

OutdoorCae (enjoying being outdoors)

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