Far too hot!

Well, it’s Friday!! What a scorcher. It’s lovely to have sunny weather but it’s too hot for me. Mum says it was 32 degrees in the greenhouse this morning. I’m waiting until it cools down later. The forecast says rain for a while now and much cooler. I hope the onions I planted outside will be okay.
I’m relaxing on a lounger in the garden in the shade, but let me tell you about what I’ve been up to over the last few days.

Things are shooting up in the greenhouse and I think that the peas and beans have grown since my last blog. I now have the fun job this weekend of planting them out with sticks and netting to stop naughty birds pecking them. I read in a gardening magazine that they strip the leaves and shoots just leaving the stems.

My cress has died!! I neglected it and it dried out so that’s a lesson learned. I have planted some more today. Well, cress doesn’t really get planted as it grows really well on damp kitchen paper or cotton wool. It’s keeping it damp that’s a challenge as it’s easy to forget about it.

We are having trouble with our cucumbers. They are slow to germinate then they keep dying. Mum has nursed one back to health but even that one is looking sick today. Not to worry though as a man at the RHS show agreed that they aren’t doing well this year.

The sunflowers are shooting up now and will need sticks for support soon. We have a competition with a friend and we never win. I’m determined to try my hardest this year.

The parsnips are getting bigger. I don’t like parsnips. We seem to have been lucky with parsnips this year and loads (a whole packet) have germinated. The only person who likes parsnips in our house is my mum. My dad will be forced to eat them.


We also have 3 trays of seedlings that are growing. We have spring onions, cabbage, sprouts, lettuce, chilli, peppers, radish and some tiny tomato seedlings. I have enjoyed planting seeds and it’s exciting when they grow big enough to pot on.


Mum has some poached egg plants and cornflowers that have grown and this weekend some are big enough to pot on. Let’s hope they brighten up the garden when they are big enough in a months time. I wonder whether they will really look like poached eggs?

Plans for the weekend are gardening and we may go out for a walk. We will probably end up in a garden centre, I used to hate garden centres but since I have found that I like gardening they are not so bad!

Well, whatever you are up to this weekend have fun!

Keeeeep gardening!!

OutdoorCae (suffering from too much sun).

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