My Weekend Adventures!

Hey all,

It’s Monday, the weekend has gone by so quickly. But surprisingly it did stay warm all weekend. The forecast said it was planned to rain but we only had showers here. Dad reckons the highest it got here was 24 degrees. I’m sulking a bit now because it has cooled down, and even though I moaned about the heat, I will miss it for the plants sake.

I’m writing this from my computer, but let me tell you about what I’ve been up to over the weekend, But to help you I am going to organise them into sections with headings so you can read all about my adventures.

Friday Night

As you will know, if you read my blog regularly, I did post on Friday but earlier than this, on the way home from work my dad picked up a lot of soil, we then managed to half fill the biggest planter, later I explain more about finishing this job.


We made a trip to the National Trust property, Tyntesfield.


When we were there we tried on some old firemen helmets, heres me looking glamorous in my favourite,


The gardens there were not as impressive as some of  the others we have seen but they did have my dad favourite, the greenhouses! They grew all types of different things in there including grapes and massive cactus’! We tried to go to the garden cafe but sadly they had no hot food left. So instead we made our way to the main restaurant and asked for some hot food, but sadly again they have just stopped serving food! Just my luck, I had a chocolate brownie which out of 10 I would rate 11! It was absolutely amazing!
We came home and my dad and I made our way to Asda to buy more compost, and by more I mean 18 bags more full to the brim each with 70L of soil inside! I also watched BGT with my Mum and my sister, the people who go on there are so funny!


It was bee course day again! This time we learnt about the types of hives and we all worked together to build spare frames to put in the  bee hives, we also learnt all about the build up of the hives as well as all the different types of hives you can buy. It was raining when we were in the classroom but it stopped just before we went for a visit to the apiary.


The first hive we looked at was very angry and unsettled, we had a quick browse and then left them alone, they must have been having a funny five minutes (Like me sometimes)! The second hive was incredibly healthy and had a very good queen to lay eggs and run the hive. The good news is that we saw the Queen in both hives, and they had a yellow marker dot on her back so we know that she was born last year.

Some of the brood frames in the hives we very old and needed replacing, so we used the frames that we had made in the class room earlier.


Some of the bees really likes my dad’s back and seemed to be having a party on there.


Did you know?

The queen is simply in the hives to lay eggs and nothing else! She really is quite lazy apart from the fact she lays up to 2,000 eggs day!

Me and my family also planted some camellia’s and replanted some other plants in the front garden. Earlier I said about the later part well this is later part. We continued to fill up the planter and when it was filled we started plating,


We moved the following plants from the greenhouse to the new planter:

Beans, peas, cabbages, Parsnips, radishes, lettuce

We put a frame and net around the peas and beans to allow them to climb and then we put a net over the whole planter to stop the greedy birds helping themselves to our veg.



We also put our well grown toms into the growbags so they contiune growing


Well, whatever you are up to this week have fun and enjoy!

Keeeeep gardening!!

OutdoorCae :0

One thought on “My Weekend Adventures!

  1. Love all those bee facts and the pic of them partying on your Dad’s back. The planter is VERY impressive – so much work has gone into it. Well done! Valerie x
    PS. Are you growing Piccolo, my favourite cherry tomatoes?

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