Other Adventures from the Weekend

Hello Everyone


I’ll try to do my long detailed blog at least once a week (usually on a Friday or Sunday) so keep your eyes peeled (like oranges, i wonder if I can grow oranges in my greenhouse!). In between these long posts I’ll keep you updated with shorter blogs, like this one, with whats been going on.


I’m typing this while chomping on a ginger nut biscuit that my sister brought home from school for me today (Yum Yum).


As I said on my last blog I had more to write about so here is a quick bit about my trip to Castell Coch.

Castell Coch

On Saturday because my dad wanted a rest after his operation (See my last blog), Mum took me and my sister to Castell Coch (The Red Castle) which is not far from where we live.


While there we had a good explore of the rooms and courtyard (and giftshop!!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had a great time especially as my moany dad wasn’t with us, and it brought back lots of memories for my mum as that’s where her and my dad got married.


We haven’t done much to the garden since the last post (Well it has only been 2 days) but I did sow some Salad Leaf seeds this evening.

While up there i did water everything in the greenhouse and had a look in my planters. The Parsnips, Radishes and Onions seem to be doing really well.

I’ve got my National Tests in Reading, Numeracy & Reasoning this week – so wish me luck.

Thanks again,


Keeeep Gardening!!

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