Swan Invasion!

Hello Everyone,

It’s Good to be back writing my blog again,

When I went up to my greenhouse last week I noticed that my strawberries were getting quite cramped in their small pots so I went on an adventure to Lidl to get some ideal new homes for them! In Lidl I saw some fidget spinner shaped pots that were perfect for them,

When I got back to my allotment I got out my 6 big strawberries and planted them in the new pots. The next day my mum took us to Pyle Garden centre where I bought 3 more strawberries. If they all produce lots of juicy strawberries then I will be eating them for ages!!


On Saturday my sister and I went down our local park to play with our friends, while down there mum cut the grass in our front garden, she didn’t have much choice to be honest because my dad STILL can not do anything but moan. After that I helped her jet wash all our paths and steps in our gardens. The paths were sparkling clean but my mum was covered in mud. She must have been the only person wearing full waterproofs during the lovely hot sunny weather we had!!


When we had a little walk in the bottom of our front garden we saw that the camelias that belong to my mother needed to be moved around, so we made them all have much more space and also planted some bulbs. The bulbs are arum lilies and are tricky to grow in our garden. We have two white ones that need a lot of looking after that were cuttings from my great grandmothers garden in Norfolk. Now she really had green fingers and grew loads of her own produce.

If you are subscribed to my Youtube channel you would know that I have posted lots of vlogs this week, I hope you have seen and enjoyed these mix of videos. This week i have vlogged about; Planting a hanging basket, and potting some herbs, click on the links about to watch and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

On Monday evening me and my sister went in our hot tub and when we opened the lid we found that a swan and a flamingo had built a nest in there! We had great fun, splashing each other.


Feedback time!

So this week on Outdoorcae I would like to know your feedback. I want to produce the best, most interesting content for you all, so if you could just write down a couple of your thoughts and tell me what I can do better then that would be great, complete the feedback form below.

Thanks so much and remember to…

Keeeepp Gardddeniinngggg


(The Person who wants feedback)

5 thoughts on “Swan Invasion!

  1. Hi Cae, I really enjoy reading your blogs, always makes me smile. I’m not really a gardener but always interested to see what you’ve been up to. I’ve known your dad for a very long time so understand you’re comment on him always moaning 🤣😂.

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  2. Excellent content, especially the piece around wild animals nesting in hot tubs. Strawberries sounds great, maybe you could ask your Dad to take some to work for his colleagues to try!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, I don’t know where I’ve been all my life, but I’ve never ever heard of fidget spinner shaped pots … but now I know thanks to Outdoor Cae! Those strawberries are going to be very, very special. Don’t forget to post a pic of you eating the FIRST one. Are you troubled by slugs or snails invading at night? If so, hope they don’t fancy a plunge into the hot tub.

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