My Brand New Fruit Trees

Hello everyone,

Here’s a short update to my gardening adventures this week,

When I came home on Friday my mum had bought me a kiwi fruit tree which I cant wait to put up in my green house! If it becomes too cold I will bring it into my house and care for it in there!

On Friday night I put water on the cactus’ and all are looking really healthy but one has grown so much that I’m thinking it could live in the greenhouse as a treat!

My cress has died, if you have been a continuous reader of my blog from the start then you would have heard that phrase before! Yes I know I should have kept watering but I was going in the sun so the leaves would have burnt! 😦

Also when I came home on Wednesday I found that my new cherry tree had arrived, so I got a pot and filled it with soil and the tree!

That is about it for my gardening but make sure to check out my long post that will come out at some point this week.

Also my dad keeps doing my heading, he can’t go back to work yet but I am dreaming of the day!!!!!!!!



P.s – Keeeppp Garddennningg

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