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Hellooooo Everyone,

By the title of this blog you’re probably thinking, what an OUTDOORCAE podcast why have I not heard of this before? well its brand new. Every week I will be recording an audio version of what I blog and vlog about and uploading this, further details of how, where and when to download this podcast will be on here & on my Twitter Profile (@Outdoorcae) once i have finalised the details.

Also I would to say a huge thank you to all my brand new followers and viewers (on my YouTube channel) for coming to my blog and saying you enjoy what I do.

On Saturday, I went to the RHS Malvern show and it was amazing, I met the famous @Tonydesaulles and he signed a copy of his latest book for me. The book is called Bee Boy, the clash of the killer queen!

The book is about a boy beekeeper who keeps his bees on the top of the block of flats where he lives and when he has to read his school project in front of the whole school everything goes wrong. After school he uses his smoker to calm the bees down and he turns him self into a bee! I’m not going to spoil it for you so read the book to find out more about his bee-tastic adventures

My thoughts on the book – I thought the book was an excellent read and it drags you in to make sure you carry on reading, if I was a real book reviewer i would give this book 5 STARS!


We bought lots of plants but also another camellia, my mum is absolutely addicted to them and they do look so beautiful. The new one is called ‘Hybrid Spring Festival’ and it can be seen in the photo below (I think we may have a monster infestation in it already!)


We also bought a new water Lilly which will look lovely at the bottom of the garden!

Heres a collection of pictures of me in gardening vehicles

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we were in one of the marques in the show, we got some of theses Lilly bulbs which will hopefully look amazing! I’ll posts some updates as they start to grow.

On Sunday I went on my Bee course and the bees were wild! But i suppose what can i expect when i am opening up their homes. The photo below shows me inspecting one of the brood frames in a Poly Hive (Its made from polystyrene).


A few tried to sting me but didn’t get the chance as I had my very thick gloves on as you can see in the picture.

Also when we got to the apiary we had to transfer an existing bee colony from their old hive into a new one! The white hive is called a WBC (Invented by someone called William Broughton Carr) and the old one we took them out of was called a national (There are so many different types of hives)

My dad’s friend, John, has just had his new bees and I’m hoping he’ll invite us to go and see them one day soon.

Also in the post this week arrived my new blogging book which i will write a review for in a later post and also in one of my Podcasts.k%4mxyDkSj+IL8OYxcmxzQ

Finally for my podcast I will need Questions\Commemnts that i can read out and or answer. This is so, so important to start me off. So one last time, PLEASE ask me something to put in my podcast.


Thanks for everyone’s support

and remember to

Keeeppp Gardddennninggg


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