Garden Update!!!!!!!!

Hi All,

Have you noticed the big change in the sky? Yes, your absolutely right, it’s the sun!! Let’s hope this is finally the start of summer and we have some fine, warm and dry weather to look forward to in the next few months. The garden certainly needs it (but this does mean that I’ll have to do more watering!!!!).

The sun has definitely taken effect and all the plants have flowers on and are producing lots of lovely veg for me to eat. My favorite camellia has finished flowering and is ready for its next hair cut!

All this sun means that my greenhouse is boiling which has helped my plants shoot up enough that a lot of them were ready to move outside, this allowed me to have a sort out to make room for all the different types of things we want to grow.

The strawberry plants I bought ages ago have strawberries on them so hopefully I will have a few big juicy fat ones to eat.


This week every night I went up to my allotment and filled the planter will soil, the way I did this was:

  1. Asked my grandfather to go to B&Q and buy 20 big bags of soil
  2. Because my allotment is up some steps and the bags were to big for me to carry up (And my dad still can’t lift) I cut open each bag and filled up a bucket with soil.
  3. I then carried the bucket up the steps to the allotment (that my father built before his operation) and poured the soil in!
  4. After about three hours of hard work I finally filled the planter and rewarded myself by eating a big round chocolate cake from ASDA!

After that I had the big job of transferring some of the plants from the greenhouse to outside into the planter!!!!!!!!!! 😦

Some of the plants i moved outside were; Swede, beans, peas, lettuce and carrots. My mum then helped me to tie some bamboo poles together for the beans and peas to climb up.

The pumpkins plants are absolutely massive now. They will take ages to grow still but hopefully they will still be ready for Halloween in October. I hope that we can keep them alive that long and make sure they keep growing!

I also managed to harvest a few radish and lettuce which mum and dad enjoyed.


Mum is a very helpful helper because whilst my dad has been ill she has helped so much with our family allotment and if I do say so myself it is looking absolutely fantastic.


On the weekend we went to a National Trust property but before we went my mum made sure that it was suitable and accessible enough for my dad, Yes I know DAD, DAD, DAD! We went to Dyrham Park which was very lovely and would have been lovely walks to if we hadn’t gone with HIM!


On the back my dad caught the National Trust bus back to the car park so the rest of us could walk the scenic route back (This was a bonus as my mum had bought a big trellis for the garden so he took it on the bus with him). On the walk back we saw a load of carvings out of trees that had fallen down. Some of these were really impressive.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was also a natural playground that my sister and I played on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also saw a massive Mushroom on an old tree


On Sunday I went to my bee course and the main topic was foraging!!! FUN FACT ALERT, Did you know that the bees make their honey out of nectar and the pollen is used to feed the baby bees and is called Brood Food! When they bring the nectar back to the hive they fan it with their wings to reduce the amount of water in it which changes it to honey, there is always some pollen and oils mixed in which gives honey its taste and colour.

This is a photo of me checking a brood frame to see if I can spot the queen and also to see if there are any eggs. I did the see the queen and she was marked with a yellow dot which meant that she was born last year.


My dads friend, John, has had his new bees but is struggling to find his queen so my dad and I are hoping to go and help him check his bees as long and the doctor gives my dad the all clear to go!

And finally on Friday, in my school we celebrated the Royal Wedding by having a yard party with food, games and fancy dress and as well the teachers were wearing scary masks of the wedding couple. All in all though I had a great time!

My dad is going to see the doctor on thursday to check up on him after his operation, my family and I are really hoping he will be allowed back to work because of his moaning  and me and my dad really want to get back at our running and parkrunning in particular – By the way I’m still waiting for my 50 T-Shirt. To find out more check out this link – parkrun

Now to end the blog I’m going to give you a teaser question to tickle your minds!

If an electric speed train was going north and traveling at 50mph what direction would the smoke be going in?

This Monday I will be recording my second podcast, this will be available on Soundcloud and on Itunes and hopefully on android but that one is a working progress, Please download it.

Well I’m off to enjoy the peace of the garden while sitting on a lounger reading my latest book and then enjoy an early night. So have a good week and don’t forget to…

Keeeeeep gardening!!

OutdoorCae (enjoying being outdoors)

2 thoughts on “Garden Update!!!!!!!!

  1. Well done Cae, that was a really good read, thank-you.
    I love not too far from Durham house so your daddy should have brought you all over to Uncle Stewie’s!

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