Half Term Break

Hi everyone,

When I write my blogs I’m usually sitting in front of my desktop computer having a drink of warm orange squash (It cools my temper down when I get annoyed whilst typing) but today I am lying on my camp bed in my caravan awning.

I will not be on holiday by the time you’re reading this but right now I am and I’m having a great time in the great outdoors. I have just been over to the toilet block to have a shower that really has refreshed me. I like going out and about as I am a very nosy person! Bet you couldn’t guess that!!

Earlier, my family and I went up the mountain pathway for a long walk. It is uphill for ages then steeply downhill into the river gorge. Then we scrambled over the river which got my walking boots a little bit wet! We met some friendly sheep on the way and some very noisy donkeys!!

For my podcast I have found an excellent recording and editing software called garage band that works on all Apple IOS Devices. I will be using this soon so look out for it in future podcasts.

I played in a rugby tournament last week and it was very exciting. One of the games they played with my Rugby ball. I’m proud of my own rugby ball even though it’s not an expensive one. We did okay in the tournament but it’s not all about winning as the team spirit is great. That’s the best bit for me!

Gardening wise, as I have been away I have only popped into the allotment twice and wow! What a difference a few days make. The weather has been so warm but also occasionally very rainy so has made the veg grow so much. We have fruit and flowers on everything now and if it all survives then we will be in for bumper crops later on!!

The exciting news is we have a well developed cucumber growing and the tomato plants are like triffids with loads of flowers on. My sunflowers are huge and starting to get heads on. I have picked a few handfuls of strawberries, quite a few radishes, a few spring onions and loads of lettuce and salad leaves. It’s much more fun than going to the supermarket and buying everything.

We have plans for the front garden with a lily pond and more fruit trees so keep reading for future updates.

We set up new pea and bean canes to help the plants grow into lovely veg for us to eat. Gardening, for us, has been learning whilst doing. The original sticks were a bit short so we replaced them with longer sticks. Also we put out netting to stop white butterflies eating our cabbage. They really like laying their eggs under the leaves and when they hatch, watch out!!, as they eat all the lovely green leaves. I can’t wait for the peas and beans to be ready as I really like them and my mum and dad do too. Mmmm.

I went for a long walk in the country side and it was lovely, I went around a lake and then I tried to cross a river but my boots got a little bit filled up with water. I don’t hate anything more than wet socks! ❌💧🧦, I came out lucky though because my sister’s boots were full to the brim with river water! It was great fun. We saw a bird called a Dipper. Mum says they are unusual but we see them every time we visit this area. Talking of birds. Woody our friendly woodpecker is back and he is a very hungry bird at the moment, I expect he has a nest to feed. We also have a friendly robin who visits. We call her Rosie. The call of the cuckoo is always a reminder that May is on its way out. That’s good for me as my birthday is in June and I can’t wait.

A couple of rest days for me as it’s half term but I’m sure I’ll be out and about seeing interesting things to talk to you about in my podcasts and in this blog.

Until the next time…

Keep wwwwatering that parched ground!!

Outdoorcae (enjoying a break in the great outdoors)

5 thoughts on “Half Term Break

  1. Another Cae masterpiece! Full of interest and humour. I think the media should use you to front a children’s anti obesity campaign because you could explain all about growing food in a way they’ll understand. Move over Monty Don. Welcome Outdoor Cae! Valerie

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