General Updates!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been planning to do a blog for a long time giving you a full update on how everything is going in the allotment, I will see if I can write it and display lots of photos and then publish it in the week!

My birthday is the next approaching event and I am so so excited, I have made my birthday list and it is hung up in pride of place on my fridge, (I am really hoping for dogs)!

Over Half term I have been away at my Caravan but back at my allotment my plants were almost calling out for water, every night I popped home just to feed them!

We are now regularly picking radish and lettuce which my mother and father really like. Also we are picking strawberries which saying I love is an understatement! Also my sister really likes spring onions.

In my greenhouse I love growing anything that I can get my hands on, Cucumbers were one of my exceptions however as I grew a few then gave up, but I did plant some more a little time after and bought one from RHS Cardiff!

When I came to check one night I saw that there was a cucumber sitting there as if he was having a relaxing lay on a lounger in Spain! I was so startled I actually told everyone I could think of!

Earlier I got my dad to drive me down to my grans because I wanted to give her some of my tomato plants! I have grown so many different plants and we have loads as everything we planted grew!

Here’s a collection of photos of my tomatoes. I have used google drive so all you need to do is click on this link – Click here

Soon it’s about time to start thinking about what I’m going to sow next, now I have grown most of my veg and will soon be picking it it’s probably about time to start new plants in the greenhouse, then when we have eaten all of what we currently have growing we can make space to start winter crops.

As my Favourite parkrun was cancelled on the weekend I chose to go to a new one called Riverfront! When I first thought about it I assumed that it would be along the main road and by a river! But I was wrong! When we arrived (Me and my Dad) we followed some marshals and found our way to the start line!

When we started running we left the main road and made our way to a lovely coastal path! It was not at all what I expected and that is in a good way!

Also on Apple notes I have made a list of my parkrun ABC which is a list of parkruns that begin with every letter in the alphabet,

If I go to canoe club this week I have got a brand new wet suit! Wet suits are designed so when water goes inside the suit it fills up, keeps you warm and stops other water from getting in! I think they are very well planned out!

Some Friday nights my family and I go to our caravan and that’s exactly what we did over half term! When we were away we still had to come back every night to check how the garden was doing! We still had lots of fun and we were constantly either playing games, cycling or going on long walks.

We went for lots of walks and visited some of our favourite places.

One late evening we were down for a walk in the country park when I said to my dad those bee hives over there look dead, we don’t know if this is true but as far as we can find out they were absolutely dead,

As I am a eco councillor in my school it is my job to make sure that our local community stays as environmentally friendly as possible,

This week I noticed in my weekly copy of First News that on Tuesday the 5th of June it is World Environment day and I decided that my school should do something special on this day, our topic this year is Plastic Waste and we are doing all that we possibly can to help save the planet.

And Finally, Me and my mum built a wigwam out of sticks and bin bags! Here’s some quick photos to show you our masterpiece,

The next day it was falling down so as a early birthday present I had this from Argos!

For the next two nights then I slept in there and had all my meals in there! What a silly billy I am!

Just a few reminders,

My Weekly Podcast comes out every Monday so look out for more outdoor madness then!

On Twitter I am @Outdoorcae

On YouTube I am Outdoorcae – Click here

And of course the blog is at

That’s about it from me today but this week I am focusing on the blog so look out for more of my adventures here at Outdoorcae

Keeepppp Garddeennnniinnnggg and enjoying everything outdoors!!


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