Plant Progress

Hi all,

Did you notice the alliteration. (Plant Progress!) Been busy recently so haven’t been able to right a blog, but here I am back enjoying the powers of the internet.

Todays blog is all a Garden Update on all my plants in my allotment, So here it is.


My Tomato plants have Toms on them and they are quite big too, my only worry is will they turn red or is the energy going into their size.


I have picked and eaten a cucumber already, We have been incredibly lucky this year and Planted our Crops early. This could have ended up meaning that we lost everything but the weather has been kind to us.


The only reason we grow Marigolds Is they keep of the insects of our plants, I also think they look quite pretty.


I am regularly picking pea pods and tonight my family and I had them cooked with our roast dinner,


We can not pick our beans yet but again I can not tell you about this because I do not know my self.


Our Carrots are still small but sweet enough to eat, See the photos below or Open the link at the end of this blog for a picture album.


We have picked all of our radishes and there are none left but that is the best bit of gardening you grow then you eat!


Did you know that when you pick your lettuce you can do a little trick that will then make it grow again. See this video to see how to do this

Click Here

Do you have any other plants I haven’t included today that you want me to give you their progress, Fill in this form and I will do another update!

Any Photos from today’s blog will also be visible from this link,  Photo album

If you have any feedback on this change please contact me on this form.

Tonight I made a cake! I loved it! 


Finally Yesterday I went to BBC Gardeners World show and you’ll never guess who I met, Carol Klein! She is my absolute gardening hero and to have met her and have a picture with her is a dream come true,



Thanks so much for reading today’s blog


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