Hot Weather!

Hello All,

This time of year is very busy for everyone, I am sorry if my blogs don’t come out some weeks but do the others. The main thing I love is being outdoors!

I have been thinking this week that my blogs would want to include more YOU! If you would like a picture or a story or just a quick explanation of what you like to do then please email me by clicking this link below! This way when I havent got time to do a blog, I can just copy your message and paste it either in its own post or in one of my big posts.

Firstly I’m going to talk about Gardening!

This weather has been fantastic for the garden and all my plants are doing so well, however there is a down side – watering!!!! I spend about an hour everyday making sure that all my plants (Veg and flowers) have enough to drink. This is even more work this week as some of my relatives are away and I have volunteered to water their plants as well, this isn’t really a problem as they do so much for me and my family.

With everything growing so quickly I have had to have a big thin out of some of my veg, so I have really cut back on my parsnips, cabbage and sprouts. If i hadn’t thinned these out each of the plants would have been fighting for space and light and none of them would have grown properly.

My Tomatoes are going incredibly well! One had started ripening so now they should all follow its lead! I’m Very excited for my first tom to eat! When my uncle came round he gave me his first tomato! it was heavenly!

My cucumbers are coming all the time now! We have about 15 growing at the minute and 3 are ready to be picked tonight! When you eat one it’s quite hard to stop cutting your self another and another slice!

My peas are doing extremely well, We have picked too many to count now! I have a bag of them in my packed lunch each day!


The other day I went up to my allotment and dug up a bag of my potatoes, The original potatoes had rotten and were huge!

My Carrots are also getting quite big now! Some are purple and some are orange! I can’t way to try some with my Sunday lunch! But the BIG question is should I have chicken or beef? Why don’t you tell me below! Here’s a photo a weird looking one i pulled up


My beans are coming on nicely! They have started growing into green bits now! I hope they grow bigger soon as I absolutely love them!

Now that my allotment is in full flow we have turned our garden development plans to our front garden, at the moment we have a lawn with planters all around (and a few trees) but we think its time to do something more exciting with it. So my mum and i have decided to rip up the grass (well I make my dad do this bit) and turn it into a more flowing garden full of different planting areas. My dad and I have started to extend a stone wall at the bottom of our garden and have now put in a pond with some water lilies and some marginals and today we installed a pump into the pond so it has a nice little fountain in it. We are going to keep on working on the area around the pond and hope to eventually have a bit of a rockery with some succulents – when we have finished the wall and topped up the soil.


We have two small apple trees in the front garden and these are full of apples which are not quite ready to pick, but I can’t wait for them as I love picking a fresh apple and eating it on my way to school.

It was my dad’s birthday recently (But he is grumpy and doesn’t tell anyone as he doesn’t like birthdays) and he had a lovely kitchen compost pot where we collect our peelings etc ready to take to our big compost bin in the garden


And the final news for my garden section today is – we have taken delivery of our new gardeners beehive which is not like a normal beehive its more like a bee hotel. We don’t have to do anything with it apart from set it up and wait for bees to find it. We haven’t put it together yet but hopefully we will soon. As you can see from the photo below we havent even unpacked it yet.



Next I’m going to give you a basic round-up of everything else in the last week,

I will be joining a scout group in September! I am so excited. I hope that it will be fun and that I will enjoy. I am quite sad that I couldn’t join my uncle johns group but it was a little bit awkward that his group meets on a Friday night, I can’t make that evening because I’ve got other commitments to go to.

Today I have been making another one of my chocolate cakes, this weeks cake was a practice for a my mums birthday cake next week. I love baking and think that i must get this from my mum as she is the worlds best cake maker. Here are some photos of some of the cakes I have made over the last few weeks.


As I’m sure you are aware, dad and me LOVE parkrun and have run loads (I’ve run over 50 and am a proud member of the 50 club and wear my 50 T with pride. Anyway, we have set ourselves a challenge of trying to the parkrun alphabet, this is doing a parkrun starting with every letter of the alphabet (this isn’t fully possible as there isn’t one starting with X, but lets hope there is soon).

Of all the runs we’ve done we havent done one beginning with A so yesterday we went to the new Aberdare parkrun, its was only their 4th event but it was an excellent parkrun, in such a lovely park and organised by such enthusiastic volunteers. I’d recommend that everyone gives it a go.


Last Tuesday I went to canoe club again, were i helped my dad teach a group of kids. I’m loving kayaking again now and can’t wait for club this week as it’s the first of our outdoor sessions. I get to wear my new wetsuit but still hope it’s not to cold.

It’s been so hot this week! I have really wanted to melt at some points! I’d often think that I would die for an ice cream! But we bought a lovely Kilner drinks dispenser that i keep filled with water and ice which make our drink so refreshing in this heat.


We went for a walk around Brecon yesterday and ended up in our favorite shop Likeys, it’s an amazing shop that sells gear for the outdoors and I’d recommend that everyone goes and has a look around. The staff there really know their stuff and are always so friendly. I was lucky enough that my dad bought me some new flip-flops and they are the best footwear I have ever worn.


Don’t forget to check out my podcast (on iTunes or soundcloud) and  my YouTube channel for other ways of seeing what I’m up to. You can also follow me on instagram, Facebook and twitter where my username is OutdoorCae, and you can use any of these to get in touch with me (EG Facebook messenger)

I think its time to sign off this week but my final note is Wimbledon starts tomorrow and I’m so excited. I’m a massive Federer fan and really hopes he win again.

So make sure too…

Keeepppp Garrddeeennninnngggg


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