Hanging Around!

Hello everybody,

I have got so much to tell you about. In fact, I could right a thousand words just about today. I’ll try not to bore you too much!

We have been picking tomatoes 🍅 recently, which is a very big relief to me as I spent a long time worrying about them ripening. They are lovely and when you cut them up they have very symmetrical insides! This is very important to me as well as I absolutely hate it when objects aren’t the same!

On Friday I left school at noon and went home to go to Portsmouth for my mums graduation 🎓. She has been studying for 3 years and still carried on with working, being a mum, a wife and other general stuff. She is now a graduate of Portsmouth University and has a masters in Forensic Accounting AND has Msc after her name! So this is me saying thank you and well done to her. We all had a great day and got to stay in a hotel which I enjoyed. I am like the hotel inspector when I stay in hotels and like to check the cleanliness and quality of everything. It is one of my favourite TV programmes and I like how blunt she is.

So as well as all that excitement I had the privilege to have a birthday adventure day doing all outdoorsy stuff. Now as my blog is called outdoor cae I can use this day in my blog and show everyone how much I like doing outdoorsy stuff. It was me, my sister, our parents, my friend and my sisters friend.

A friend of my fathers did the coaching and we went to a multi-activity centre in Llangorse which was about an hour away from our house. We had an absolutely brilliant day, my favourite part was the outside high ropes courses. I found the obstacles quite easy…

But inside the difficulty level stepped up and I became more out of my comfort zone. We did caving, bouldering, abseiling, zip wires, bridge crossing and other things that I can’t remember.

For caving we had to go in a very narrow tunnel and in different directions. Whilst in this passage of fake caves you got very hot and start sweating! Bouldering is climbing up climbing walls but without ropes. I have done abseiling before but this time was even more epic, I lowered myself down and slowly walked down the wall.

I did 3 Zip Wires, One was inside and the other two were outside at the end of the high ropes courses. Another thing that was inside were the bridges, we were tied onto a moving wire that kept us safe. The adults and the kids all had a fantastic day. It’s good to challenge myself whenever I can.

In the allotment we have had some lessons learned. The main one is to be more prepared for how big things can grow to! The pumpkins 🎃 took over the garden – literally, and we have had to sacrifice them as they were like triffids!! The leaves also had some sooty mould. We did have two small pumpkins 🎃 but we definitely hadn’t bargained for how invasive they were.

The green beans have grown well but we have an infestation of black fly and it’s really bad. We have boiled up rhubarb leaves to make a spray but not having much luck. We are organic at the moment but may have to use a chemical spray to get rid. We have also learned that we need more space than planned for peas and beans.

I am growing some sweet peas but I wonder if they will ever flower 💐 as they are as tall as me but no flowers yet. It’s a shame as they smell lovely.

My sunflowers 🌻 are huge and I’m sure I will win the competition for the tallest. The heads are massive and I am going to keep lots of the seeds. I may even sell them as they are from huge sunflowers 🌻 . Maybe I will make my fortune!

The cucumbers 🥒 have been very successful this year and we have picked quite a few. We have plenty more to come. My mum had a home grown parsnip for tea this week and we enjoyed carrots 🥕 and an onion that we had also grown.

The potatoes 🥔 have been great and we have just dug up our second batch. We have also replanted more seed potatoes 🥔. We will have to wait a while for those. Not sure how many more strawberries 🍓 we will pick now. They have been a little disappointing in taste but there have been plenty.

I finish for summer break in two days so I am looking forward to getting out and about and having more adventures to tell you all about. I’m planning to climb Pen-y-fan and do some more waterfall walks and don’t forget plenty of gardening and visiting gardens.

Next year I plan to grow pineapples 🍍 and bananas 🍌. Ha ha, just joking as I think I may struggle as they need tropical conditions all year!!

What ever you get up to – Keeep enjoying everything outdoors and indoors.


One thought on “Hanging Around!

  1. Hi Cae, Your comment “I am like the hotel inspector when I stay in hotels and like to check the cleanliness and quality of everything.” made me laugh out loud. Is there no end to your talents and interests? A very enjoyable blog. Valerie

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