Dartmouth and other Adventures

Hello Readers,

Sorry for the last month or so, I’ve been playing MegaCubeX on my Xbox in my bedroom with the curtains closed!!!!!!!

Only Joking! That’s why I am called Outdoorcae!

I have just come in from watering the allotment, I don’t normally do that job but for a change I thought I would catch up how things were going up there.

As some of you may know, I am currently off school for the 6 weeks holiday that all children get!  My mother has recently been making some amazing cakes! Her Lemon drizzle are my favourite.

Earlier I went in my hot tub for an hour this time without my massive enormous swan! (see my blog entitled Swan Invasion!) If you have been reading my blogs for a while you will know what that meant!

In School I worked hard ALL year and achieved the award of Year 5 pupil of the Year 2018! This is the fourth time I have won Pupil of the Year throughout my school life.

If you live in the UK you will know what our weather is usually like (Even in the summer), however this year we have had one big long heat wave with temperatures getting up to at least 45 degrees in my greenhouse – who needs to go abroad!!!

Last week my Mum, Dad and I had a massive sort out in our allotment, we dug a few of our bean plants that had died because of having an infestation of black flies (I think they are called aphids), our early pea plants that had stopped produced peas, another bag full of lovely new potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, Kale, and beetroot. A lot of this we used in our sunday roast chicken dinner that I helped my smelly dad make.

Having cleared all this we were left with space to plant more, so over the last few days i have gradually been planting some more veg, eg radish, carrots, potatoes, beetroot & lettuce. I’ve also left space to plant more next week so we will hopefully get our next harvest spread out rather than all at the same time. It maybe a bit late in the season to plant some of these but you never know with the weather we have been having they may be ok.

I also picked a few cucumbers and a lot of tomatoes from both inside and outside the greenhouse.

We also cut down the brambles that were hanging over our allotment from our next door neighbours garden. All the waste helped to fill our compost bin right to the top.

As i left to go to school on one of the last days of term i noticed that the apples on my apple trees had got much bigger and were starting to ripen, hopefully one or two will be ready for september when i go back to school as I love picking them on my way to school and eating them for my mid morning snack.

I think I may have mentioned my sunflowers a few times before, but the ones that came from seeds that i bought have had to be chopped down as the had past their best, and the heads were so big they were making the plants bend right over which was damaging some of my other plants. I have kept the sunflower heads and they are drying out in my greenhouse, there are thousands of seeds in each head (Which I think is incredible). However, the sunflowers that i have grown from the seeds that i was given by Joe and Angharad are still growing.  The flower heads are starting to form but are not yet in bloom and they are still getting taller.

My chillies and peppers which are growing in my greenhouse seem to be doing really well

I was on holiday last week which is why i didn’t post a blog as I was too busy enjoying being outdoors. Whilst I was away my amazing grandfather volunteered to water our gardens and allotment.

My holiday was in Dartmouth, in South Devon. My father used to go here when he was a child so he has been really eager to show me and my sister what he always described as amazing. I now know why he loves the place so much.

Whilst we were away we did a range of activities, and I’m going to mention a few of the things we did. We went to the holiday home of the inspiring author Agatha Christie which is called Greenway House and is a National Trust propert, which is good for us as we are members. Rather than driving to the property like we usually do we travelled in the unusual fashion of catching boat from Dartmouth directly to the quay at Greenway House, passing Agatha Christies famous boathouse on the way. This boathouse was the scene of one of her most famous books – Dead Man’s Folly.

We also had the pleasure of visiting another National Trust Property called Coleton Fishacre which was the home of the people who used to own the Savoy Hotel in London. The house was really nice but it was the gardens that really impressed me. They were very big and full of amazing flowers. These flowers really attracted the bees and there were thousands all over the garden, which if you have read my other blogs really pleased me as I am a beekeeper and love them. The garden sloped away right to the cliffs overlooking the English Channel and the views were amazing.

On the opposite side of the river Dart is a village called Kingswear, where there is a railway station. This station is part of the Dart Steam Railway and on way day of our holiday we caught a ferry across the river and then had a Steam Train Ride from Kingswear to Paignton. The name of the locomotive that pulled us to Paignton was called Braveheart. We had a quick walk around Paignton but didn’t like it at all so caught another train called Lyndon Manor back. The carriage we travelled back in was called Anna which is funny as that is the name of one of my Aunties.

One evening we drove to a local beach called Blackpool Sands which was lovely but the thing that really caught my attention was the fact that they had the equipment for a 2 minute beach clean

The weather was so nice while we were away that we took a few dips in the creek where we were staying and also in the sea at a cove called Castle Cove. The water was so amazingly clear and beautifully clean.

My sister and I took turns using our bodyboard, even though the water was really calm with no waves we still had fun jumping on the board and falling in the water when we werent expecting it.

My mum is very good at catching crabs and showed me how to do it using crabbing equipment and bait. We tried different types of bait but found that the crabs in Dartmouth must be quite posh as they only seem to like M&S bacon

As most of you will know i love running and in particular i LOVE running parkrun and have done well over 50 adult parkruns now. Well a few weeks ago my dad and I decided we wanted to try and do the parkrun alphabet, which is to try and run a parkrun beginning with each letter of the alphabet. So on the way down to Dartmouth we stayed in Exeter the night before so we could do Killerton parkun. This was a beautiful trail run around the ground of Killerton House, but more importantly ticks ‘K’ of our alphabet list.

We have a list of parkruns beginning with letters that we haven’t yet ticked off and we are hoping to start getting to some of these soon.

While we were away in Dartmouth, my dad and I ran quite a bit (Well he did every morning but i wanted a lie in some days). We ran from our apartment in Warfleet down to Dartmouth castle and took in the beautiful views looking out to see, before we then ran back into Dartmouth town and along the river front and around the town. While we were in the town we usually picked up breakfast for the family to eat when we got back to where we were staying.

I am a member of Rhondda Paddlers Canoe Club and a few weeks ago we had our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and in this meeting I was voted onto the committee as the junior representative. One of the things that I am keen to do in my new role is to help with club fundraising, and the first thing I am trying to do is get people to use the Easy Fundraising Web Site when shopping on line. If people then use this website the club will get donations for all online shopping they do. Click on this link if you are interested in helping me fundraise for our club

Rhondda Paddlers

Unfortuately the club has now finished for the summer but will be starting again soon when we go back to school.

In one of my recent blogs I talked about my birthday trip to Llangorse climbing centre, will here are a few photos of that brilliant day.

Click here

You may have seen that I have a YouTube channel and post Vlogs of the different things I do, you can see these videos here

Outdoorcae YouTube Channel

If you want to get hold of me you can using any of these:

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But bye for now!

Keeepppp Garrdeeenninggg


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  1. Well done Cae – your best yet. Glad you enjoyed Dartmouth. Your Granddad and I used to visit Dartmouth when we were Sea Cadets in the late 1950s. Ask your Dad if he remembers when we all had a holiday there when he and Aunty Kate were kids and they dressed as Popeye and Olive Oil for the carnival fancy dress parade.

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