Time for a Catchup

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all have had a nice few weeks since my last blog, I know I certainly have!

I’ve been saving all my pocket-money for over a year until I had enough saved up to by myself an Apple Watch. Well a few weeks ago I finally had enough and my dad took me to the Apple Store in Cardiff to get one – and I LOVE IT. It does everything that i want it to do and even better the strap doesn’t give me a rash like most watch straps. I even use it to track all my exercise and I have a daily competition with my dad, and everyone else i know who has one to try to do the most exercise, steps, hours standing and everything else the watch measures.


Last week I went back to school after our long summer holiday and as much as I enjoyed the holidays I was glad to be back in school as I do enjoy it. I am now in Year 6 which is my last year in primary school and I was lucky enough to be chosen by my fellow pupils and staff to be Head Boy for my last year. I am so proud that i have been asked to be Head Boy and can’t wait for my new badge to arrive so I can wear it on my uniform.

With this being my last year I will be having lots of visits to my new Comprehensive School, the first of these is in an Open Evening this Thursday. I’m so excited to be going to comp next year and can’t wait to start all the new lessons and meet new friends.


We’ve had a really busy few weeks in the gardens. Most of the plants in the allotment are starting to come to the end of their season but we are still getting quite a lot of beans, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes. The rest of the ground is being made ready for either next seasons plants or for some things we are going to grow over the winter. We already have potatoes, carrots and parsnips in which I’m hoping will be ready in time for Christmas Lunch.


When my little cousin Jess visited a few weeks ago she planted some carrot seeds, they are growing nicely in our greenhouse


With the work in the allotment slowing down we have been really busy in our front garden. I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before, but as long as we have lived here it has been a lawn that we have planted around the outside, but we never really go in this garden. So we’ve decided to dig up the lawn and fill the area with different plant with paths running through leading around the garden to seating areas and the ponds (We have 2). We are still working hard at it but here’s a few photos of some of the progress we have made.

As you will know if you have read some of my earlier blogs, I LOVE Bees. So to add to our front garden we have put in a hive. This isn’t a normal traditional, hive but is called a Gardeners Hive. We have set it up and now wait and hope that bees decide to move in. I think we are probably too late for this year as bees don’t tend to split their hives (Swarm) at this time of year as they are getting them ready to survive the winter.


As you probably already know, as I can’t stop going on about it, my family and I have set up a small family business called Tyla Glas Kitchen Garden. We are starting small and at the moment are selling things like plant seeds (harvested from our plants), homemade greetings cards and homemade christmas decorations. If you are interested in seeing some of our stock you can click here.

We have loads more seeds that are nearly ready for selling so keep checking the website as we increase our stock.


I’m still running even though I havent done as many parkruns as I would have liked recently but we have been busy on weekends. However, I hope to change that and get back to doing my weekly parkrun very soon.

As you probably already know I set myself a challenge of doing a 12km run sometime in September. This is far greater than I have run before and I am training hard. So far I have completed a 9km run and have a 10km planned for tomorrow. I have only 2 weeks or so to run the full 12km in one go, which will be a real challenge.


Apart from this being a challenge for me (and I like setting myself challenges) I am doing it to try to raise some money to help a great charity called Children With Cancer. You can read about the great work they do by clicking on the link.

I have raised over £200 so far, but the more I raise the more it will help the charity so if you can, please sponsor me HERE

Other Things

Another good thing about the school holidays being over is that my Canoe Club has restarted. I love canoeing and kayaking and am so happy that I can do this again every week.

When my cousins were staying at our caravan with us a few weeks ago the weather wasnt great, but this didn’t stop us having fun and on one of the days we climbed the big mountain by the caravan. It was great fun even if we all did get very wet.


Last week we had a trip to a National Trust Property that we hadn’t been to before called Brockhampton Estate which was near Hereford. It was a lovely place and we did lots of things while there. These included building a model of a timber frame house (As this was the make up of the main house on the estate), relaxed on a swing and even picked a load Damsons that we took home and turned into lots of lovely Jam.

The only downside to our visit was the cafe’s which weren’t up the the usual National Trust standard.

Now I have a bit more time I’ve started to post more VLOGS on my YouTube channel and will hopefully start redoing my Podcast soon. If you want to listen to the Podcast I have done so far they are on soundcloud or iTunes.

If you have any questions, queries or comments or just want to contact me you can on one of the following:

Facebook – Outdoorcae Blogs

Twitter – @outdoorcae

Email – Outdoorcae@outlook.com

Keeeepppppp Garddddeennninngggg


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