It’s been a while

Hi Everyone

Sorry its been so long since my last blog but I’ve been busy. But on the flip side that means I have loads to write about.

RHS Autumn Malvern Show

The first thing I’m going to talk about is my trip to the RHS Autumn Malvern Show. As regular readers of my blog will know, I do like a good RHS show. In the past I’ve blogged about my visits to the Cardiff and Malvern (Spring) shows and also my trip to the Gardeners World Live show in the Birmingham. Well a few weeks ago, my family and I went up to the Malvern Show Ground for the autumn show, I was a little bit concerned what there would be to see at this time of year, but there was loads. It ranged from bulbs and seeds ready for planting for next year to fruit and veg that had been harvested. They also had a whole marquee just for Giant Veg, and some of the veg were HUGE, you may have seen a section on this on last weeks Gardeners World.

I also saw Pineapples growing, which is the first time I had seen this.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and we spent a lot of time walking around the showground enjoying all the different displays & stalls. There was even an area dedicated to bees and honey, and as most of you will know I love bees so I loved spending time in this section. My father and sister tried some of the different honeys that were available and ended up buying a jar of a funny white coloured honey that they said was lovely, I don’t like honey so didn’t try any. My sister then had her photo taken with a big massive bug.

But the highlight of the show was meeting Carol Klein, for those of you who read my blog about the Gardeners World Live show you’ll know that I really admire the work Carol does and I got to meet her for the first time. Well this time we got to watch her do a Q&A session and then I met her again and she remembered me 🙂

My Gardens

Well its been busy few weeks in the gardens, the veg in the allotment is starting to come to an end which means I’ve been busy sorting out bits out. I’ve picked the last of the summer carrots, but now planted my winter carrots out (they’ve been coming along nicely in the greenhouse for a few weeks) – I’m not sure whether they’ll survive the winter but if they do we’ll hopefully have some nice ones for Christmas

I still have loads of cucumbers growing and actually picked a trug load yesterday.

All my cucumbers in the greenhouse have now finished so I’ve cut down the plants and put them, along with the growbags in one of the compost bins. I’ve also trimmed my outside cucumber plants and just left a few to support the last load which I think I’ll probably pick next week.

My runner beans are now passed their best and I’m just letting the remaining veg go to seed so I can harvest these and store ready for next year. I’m also selling seeds i’ve harvested on my website and eBay, check them out if you’re interested. I’ll then cut down the plants and add them to the compost.

My sweetcorn seemed to be doing really well but now I’ve picked some, the kernels are still really small and hard but I don’t think they ripen any more, so I don’t know what I’ve done wrong with those. Anyway, I’ll try them again next year.

My Sprouts are looking really good and I’m going to start harvesting some of the fruit off the lower sections soon, hopefully they’ll keep on coming right through to Christmas.

I’m also trying to grow some potatoes for the winter, I’m growing them in bags and keep topping up the soil when the shoots start to show. They were slow starting so i moved the bags into the greenhouse and they seem to be doing really well now.

The last thing to mention about my allotment is most of my tomatoes in the green house have finished and the plants etc have been composted, I think I have about 4 plants left with a few tomatoes on which I will probably pick this weekend. Then its a matter of cleaning the greenhouse and getting it ready for winter.

We’ve been even busier in our front garden. As most of you will know we have removed our front lawn and replacing it with planted areas. We’re still digging beds and buying more and more plants to put in. My mum is the really good at chosing different plants and also deciding where to put them, and me and my dad then do the planting. We’ve got so many different plants that I can’t name them all, but off the top of my head we have; lavenders, a plum-tree, two apple trees, lots of different roses and camellias. I’ll try to remember to take some photos of the other plants for my next blog. We have also put in a second water feature which make the garden sound lovely. We were busy working in the garden on sunday and there were so many bees, so they obviously love the plants as well.

We’ve been having problems with cats pooing in our garden so we’ve put in two ultrasonic devices that give off a high pitch sounds when they are triggered and so far they seem to be working. Click here which will take you to the amazon page of what we bought.

We’ve also starting covering the areas we’ve finished with a small stone called Solent Gold, i think it really finishes the garden nicely and it will look even better when the plants start to fill out as time moves on.


I’ve got quite a lot to talk about with my running.

The first thing is I successfully completed my challenge!

For those of you who have read my earlier blogs you’ll know I set myself a challenge of running 12km at some point in September. This was far further than I had ever run before so it was a big challenge. I was doing it to raise money for a charity called Children With Cancer who do great work to try to end the horrible disease. I did train for the run so when the day of my challenge came I was prepared, however it was still hard. But I’m so glad I did it.

So far I’ve raised about £450 (Online and cash) but really want to get over so £500, so if you could spare any cash please sponsor me by clicking here.

My school running club has restarted which is great, so I am busy training at club for a Cross Country competition later this week. I think it’s only 1.5km so the distance isn’t a problem, but I’m just doing it for the experience and because I love running.

My parkrunning is also going really well, I ran two weekends ago and decided to do it naked, no this isn’t running without clothes its running without any gadgets. So for the first time in a long time I ran without my sports watch so had no idea how fast i was running. I was shocked at the end to find that I had almost run a PB. My dad ran with his watch so we managed to upload the run to Strava, because those runners of you know that if a run isn’t on Strava then it never happened!!

Well that run was my 59th adult parkrun and my dad 199th. We were both really looking forward to doing our 60th and 200th on Pontypridd parkun’s 5th birthday which was the weekend before last. However, storm ‘blinkin’ Callum got in the way. The weather in South Wales was horrendous which resulted in most of the parkruns down here being cancelled.

So we had to delay our parkruns to last weekend and the weather couldn’t have been anymore different from the weekend before. It was such a beautiful bright autumn day with leaves on the ground, and when we got running it was actually very warm. I didnt run a PB but did run another great time, and also took photos of my dad doing his 200th parkrun. However, what really made my day was the fact that I got to meet Darren Wood who is the person who has done the most parkruns in the world, this run was his 689th parkrun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow that is over 13 years of running every saturday morning which is just incredible.

Canoe Club

Well canoe club has been great since we got back into the pool after the summer, a few weeks ago I wore a spraydeck for the first time. A spraydeck is like a skirt you wear that fits over the cockpit of the boat to stop water getting in. Now I can wear one of these I can do a load more things. I’ve learnt how to do rescues and now I’m learning how to roll, so if I do capsize I can roll back up without having to get out of the boat. My dad is teaching me, he’s not very good but he is starting to get better.

Other Things

As I’ve already said I live in South Wales and the weekend before last the weather was terrible with the wind and rain nonstop for a few days. This lead to loads of flooding and roads being closed because of trees falling over and landslides. We spent the weekend at our caravan, which may have seemed a strange thing to do in the bad weather but we had a brilliant time. The caravan was lovely and warm and cosy and we just relaxed and watched films.

The weekend before last we went for a family walk/cycle (Me and my sister cycled) along the Neath Canal. It was a lovely day and we just enjoyed the nice long walk/cycle.

After months of talking about it, we’ve finally booked our skiing holiday for this season. We’re off to a new resort for us called Meribel Mottaret and I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to getting to the dry slope in Cardiff for a few sessions before we go to brush up on my skills so I can make the most of our time on the snow. I’ll keep you posted on how these sessions go.

If you’ve read my last few posts you’ll know that I’ve started a small family business selling things like seeds I’ve harvested from my plants and home made greetings cards.  This business is called Tyla Glas Kitchen Garden. At the moment I have quite a few different types of seeds for sale which include, lovely marigolds, runner beans, pansies and loads more. If you’re interested in any of these you can buy them by either clicking the link on my blog homepage (Here), or you can go to my newly created ebay page.

If you want to contact then please do on one of the following:

Twitter – @outdoorcae

Facebook – Outdoorcae Blog


Until next time – keeeeeeeeeeepppppp Garrrdddeennnniiinnnggg

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