Spring has Sprung and Summer is on its way!

Hello Everyone,

Since my last blog a lot has been going on in my Outdoorcae world, and i mean a lot!

Firstly i am going to start off with my garden, the bit everyone loves the best. I have loads of plants that have been planted in my green house at the moment. I also have a new cold frame which is very useful for plants which don’t need as much heat and protection from the wind but aren’t strong enough to fight battles against the weather and other predators.

Our New Coldframe

I also currently have some plants outside like potatoes, cauliflowers, onions and parsnips mainly. But i am getting ready to start planting some of my Peas and Runner Beans outside, before i do this i need to make sure that they cant be eaten by birds so my dad and I are making a frame over the bed which we’ll cover in netting to stop the pesky little birds (They absolutely love eating my pea plants). However, i do have two pea plant planted outside as they just got toooooooo big for the coldframe, and they’ve already got Peapods on them – I Can’t wait for them to ready to eat.

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I also have some strawberries growing on my strawberry plants in the greenhouse, the plants that are outside will be a few weeks behind.


I have quite a plants that I’m selling (eg Peas, Cucumbers and Beans) so if anyone is interest read further down in the blog.

My herb garden is growing well to.

I cant wait to see the progress my garden makes in the next couple of months.

My front garden is changing as well, for those of you who were reading my blog last year you’ll know that we decided to dig up our lawn and replace it with lots of plants and landscaped areas, this includes a new patio and pond which is surrounded by a lovely rockery in an Alpine Style

The front garden isn’t quite finished but it wont be long.

Tomorrow I am going to RHS Malvern Spring Show, I am very excited to find out what treasure i am going to find this year. I hope I enjoy it as much as last year, and i wonder if I’ll get to meet Carol Klein again !

I am also hoping to find some canals nearby that we can stop and have a look at.

Sadly this means I am going to miss parkrun, but I’m hoping to make up for it on Sunday when i am going to be running 5-6 miles.

On the topic of running, i am currently training for a half marathon. Here is what I posted on facebook so read all about it –

As some of you may know and some of you may not, I have chosen to run a Half Marathon in October to support the amazing charity Children With Cancer UK, Every day on average 12 families hear the devastating news that their child has cancer. Children with Cancer UK help theses Children get through their treatment with as much happiness and hope as possible. At the end of their treatment they ring the treatment bell to confirm their treatment is over. I want to give support to those Children and this is my way to do so. I am going to be following a very active training plan over the next 6 months to get me ready for my Half Marathon in October. If you can please give not only to support me but to give to this wonderful cause. Thank you.

So if you would like to find out more or if you would like to donate please visit


Its been a really quiet in my house recently as my sister went away with school in Switzerland. Three Fridays ago she went away for a week skiing. She absolutely loved it and she even won an award for being the most improved skier, but it was great to see her again when she got home.

So finally, my business, Tyla Glas Kitchen Garden, is doing well. We have many different items for sale on my website and on eBay and more is coming soon. We have seeds, gifts and we are also now selling plants. These plants are not up online yet but if you would like to buy some get in contact with me via my blog, email or contact page on my website.

Tyla Glas Kitchen Garden – Website

Tyla Glas Kitchen Garden – EBay

So there is one last thing to say,

Keeeepppppp Garrrddeeennniinnnggggg

One thought on “Spring has Sprung and Summer is on its way!

  1. Hi Cae,Welcome back.  As usual, you seem to have a lot on the go.    Your planting scheme reminds me of a day at the races – it’ll be interesting to see which of your ‘horses’ wins, which fall at the first fence, and which turn out to be donkeys and run off in the wrong direction, ha, ha.   Sooooooo exciting!

    Congratulations on taking up the Half Marathon challenge to raise money for Children with Cancer UK.  Glad you’re starting early.  I did a half marathon walk once and a group of us used to train on evenings and Sunday mornings even in snowy weather.  It was great fun and we raised a lot of money. Was very touched to read your comment about missing Delyth the week she was away ski-ing with the school.  It’s great that you’re such good friends as well as being brother and sister. As for my garden, it’s been somewhat neglected recently but now we’ve had some rain I can do some digging.  It’s all looking quite good anyway, and my wallflowers have been spectacular – unusually I’ve kept them for THREE YEARS!!!  The only edible things I grow are a few herbs. As I might have mentioned before, I’m a wildlife gardener.  I have a tangled wild area at the bottom which provides cover and a nesting area for the birds.  I also have a wildlife pond which is full of newts and dragon fly nymphs etc. and a “beach” area for the birds to bath and flap around in.  Plus, I have a whole series of feeders around the garden.  I currently have a local woodpecker who has discovered my peanut feeder and empties it over about three days!  I also leave fat coconuts and fat blocks for the birds which attracts mostly naughty starlings but also brings in quite a few tits.  The other seed feeders attract goldfinches, sparrows, and all sorts.  It’s all very fascinating.Keep on Gardening!!!BFNValerie

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