A General Chit-Chat

Hello everyone,

Now, it has been a long time since the last blog but it has been a extremely busy few months. As some of you may or may not know, in September I am taking the next adventure in my life. Comprehensive school!!

I am absolutely petrified about this huge change in my life but i am a little bit more reassured that my sister has already made her move and she is loving it. In my present school we have quite a small group of Pupils, about 110 in the whole school. In that school i have had so many opportunities and i will certainly miss it. But its time for a new change, a new adventure.

Anyway I’ll stop babbling and get on and tell you about what i have been up to.


This will not be in Chronological Order

I’m going to start off with the Gardening Shows i have been to:

Since the Malvern Autumn Show last year (which i think I blogged about) i have been to 3 shows. RHS Cardiff in April, RHS Malvern Spring show in May and Gardeners World Live in June.

In both RHS shows i had a great time and bought many new items that are going to make my life as a gardener easier, including some new labels that are coloured, plastic and good for being organised. Which I’m not! I also bought a really good pencil that will show well on the labels but will also erase really well.

But by far Gardeners World Live was my favourite as always. I got to see Carol Klien and Alan Titmarsh on the Big Stage, and i also got a photo with Carol.

Also whilst walking around i saw many other ‘celebrities’ from Gardeners World. I loved this year because it was so busy and it was great to see so many people sharing the love of gardening. It was really weird this year because i felt like an expert because it was my 2nd year.

The good thing about this event is that included in the tickets was free entry to the BBC Good Food Summer Show, but this wasn’t as good as the Gardeners World Section as it was too busy (and there were so many alcohol stalls!!!).

Anyway, all in all it was a great weekend, yes a weekend.


My gardens are making an amazing amount of progress this year. Last year we also has amazing crop and quality of growth and i blamed it on beginners luck but this year the same has happened again, even if it is a little bit late (It all started so quickly early on in the year when we had the hot weather, but then slowed back down as the weather changed back to what we are used to in Wales).

We are making good progress on the front garden and i think it has absolutely been transformed – Take a journey back in time,

And now this is the stage we’re at

Lots of plants that we bought in Gardeners World have already been dug and planted into the garden. They’re looking great if i do says so myself.

Let’s talk allotment

Now I’ve got so much news about my allotment. The last time I blogged was in May and since then so much has happened. My tomato plants are coming along so well and we have loads of tomatoes starting to ripen so it wont be long before i am eating on my own tomatoes again. After a slow start my cucumbers finally started to grow and now they are really strong plants and have loads of flowers which will grow into strong cucumbers.

My sister, Delyth, and I are currently having a competition to who can grow the tallest sunflowers and i am currently winning. GET IN!

Whilst i am very pleased with most things in my allotment my dad & I have both agreed that our cold frame has not been a success. The actually measure of the plants growing was perfect and many things thrived in it but the quality of the materials the cold frame was made from is not good. In the first few weeks we noticed a cracking when we closed the lid. It got worse and one day when i opened it the lid fell off completely. We managed to tape it back together but we are now looking for something new and better quality for next year. We purchased it from Lidl and it cost £25.

My outside plants are making a significant amount of progress as-well, apart from the peas as some cheeky little rascal (A Bird) likes to nick my pea pods off my plants before i can get my hands on them. I’m also hoping to harvest some seeds from my plants that i can sell ready to grow in someone else’s garden next year.

Talking about selling. My business, Tyla Glas Kitchen Garden, has many items for sale that may be of interest to you. We sell lots of products online and on eBay. If you would like plants that are a bit more grown (Not Listed online) then message me on Social Media, email be via the contact page or comment below.

I currently have Runner Beans, Cucumbers and Marigold ready for sale and I’ll also have peas soon. (Some may not be listed on website)

Back to my front garden and as things are nearly finished we are looking at how the plants are doing and what can we do to make them more happy, because plants have feelings. 😀🌵

Our Water Lilly located in our rockery pond area is flowering and we cant wait to see it in full bloom, I’ll be honest I’ve never seen one before. We have built a patio so we have a comfortable spot in the garden to sit, relax and just take in the air if we want, we are now building a planter seat around the patio, and our longer term plans are to replace the fencing with similar planters the full length of the garden.

My dad & I have had great fun building the first section of our planter. As I mentioned above, around our pond we have a rockery area (probably raised about 1 meter of the ground). The rockery is so different to the other sections of our garden but in another aspect it fits in so well.

We have planted so many different plants in this area it is hard to decide which are my favourite. We have chosen these plants because of the factors they have and how well they fit with their surroundings.

Some of the plants we are growing are fruit trees, plants & bushes and i think they are an amazing choice for any garden, whether you have a patio, a small square of grass or 96 acres they will fit. They will happily grow in pots, planters or directly into their ground. They are the perfect plants for beginners, mainly because of the satisfaction of achieving growing your own food. Whether you have strawberries or bananas you still get the sense of pride whenever you get to pick them.

My apple trees also seem to have an awful lot of apples on. I wonder if any will drop off before they are ready to be picked?


I haven’t done much running lately and I really do need to get back on track and that is my plan for next week, one of the reasons is I have been so busy and I really need my sleep, however my normal running time is in the morning and this really doesn’t my sleeping pattern.

Most weeks i do parkrun which is a help but sometimes i just don’t get the chance.

The running I have done has been good. One week i did my home run (Pontypridd) and I ran naked and I got a ‘Royal Flush’. Don’t worry I didn’t run without clothes, this means I ran without my running watch 😂. The Royal Flush is the fact that I ran every kilometre faster than the one before (my dad ran with his watch).

Another week i did Llanelli Coast parkrun (A Bit of Tourism) and i got a PB (Personal Best) and you don’t understand how much that means to me. I hadn’t broken it for years and it was a boiling day. I was so proud. 🤓

Another reason i need to up my running is because in October i am running a half marathon for Children with Cancer UK. Which is a amazing charity that I believe deserves to have funding to help kids ring that crucial treatment bell. If you could please donate to this amazing cause and inspire me to finish the HM in one piece. Wish me Luck 🤞. Click Here


On Canal basis we are going on our next holiday soon and i am mega excited. We are going from a base called Wotton Wawen, which is on the Stratford Canal, which we visited whilst we were at Gardeners World Live. We also visited a place called Kingswood Junction which is where the canal meets the Grand Union and we are hoping we can visit here whilst we are own holiday.

A few weekends ago we went on a bike ride along the to the Crumlin Arm of the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal. We rode from Fourteen Locks up to the end of the canal at Cwmcarn, we loved this section and as it is our nearest we hope it can be restored and will become navigable pretty soon. We would also be happy to help in any restoration works that will take place.

Manor Adventure

I recently went on a residential trip with my school to mid wales to a place called Manor Adventure. We went from Wednesday to Friday and took part in Outdoor Pursuit Activities. I love that sort of thing so it was absolutely perfect. Apart from not sleeping either nights and not eating much i had a great time and took part in amazing things.

Some of the things included a Zip wire, Absailing, Canoeing, Kayaking. All the activities were really fun and i would definitely go again if i had the chance.

Transition Days

As i have mentioned above, I am moving to comprehensive school so we have transitions days where we go to the new school (Treorchy Comp) before hand to get used to the new surroundings. Today I went to St Fagans with them and it was so much fun.

I also met some new friends which will be usful for when i start in September. I’m looking forward to staying in touch with them.

ECO Council

As some of you may know I am on the Eco Council of my school, and as part of this I arranged for Balfour Beatty, the company my dad works for, to come to my school and build us a fantastic bug hotel, free of charge, which will attract insects to our school garden. This is fantastic news and we are very much looking forward to watching the insects move in and informing BB of the progress. So thanks Balfour Beatty, you did a great job


It was my birthday last week and i really enjoyed it and i had some really amazing presents. Thank you so much to anyone who gave me something i really love it. I turned 11 and i really do feel older😂

That’s about it now, if you would like more updates why not follow me on social media

Facebook – OutdoorCae Blogs


Thanks for reading and

Keeeepppp Garrdeennninng


One thought on “A General Chit-Chat

  1. Hello Cae,Your exciting blog came through just as I was going to sleep last night and I couldn’t resist reading it.  No wonder I’m tired!  There was SO much in it, I could probably write ‘a book’  back but it’s nearly bed time again!  I can’t believe one photo – you’re digging with a garden fork in flip flops!   Not a good idea.  Be careful.   The photo of your tomato plant puts my neighbour’s plants to shame.  I’m supposed to be watering the plants while they’re away.  I just hope I don’t over-water which I did once with disastrous consequences.  Anyway, so far there is only one tomato of any size plus a few very small ones, so you beat her hands down!   Am loving your new rockery.  I suppose living halfway up a mountain it makes a lot of sense!   Interestingly, you don’t seem to have any inhibitions in terms of what you buy and plant, bearing in mind where your garden is situated and the climate, ie. halfway up a mountain in rainy South Wales.  But, on the other hand, that’s a good thing because it’s one way to learn what works and what doesn’t work.  Apart from plants actually surviving, some will really thrive and some will only hang on by their finger tips because they’re out of their comfort zone.  You’ll also discover what looks really good together whether by accident or design.  Oh the possibilities!    You’ve already built up a huge bank of experience with regard to fruit and veg – you’re far more daring than me.  Eventually your “own style” will evolve and that will be fascinating to see.  Well done you. Looking forward to a good old garden natter next time we’re down.Love Valerie 

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