I’ve been Busy!


I’ve been extremely busy lately so haven’t found much time to write. As well as starting Secondary School i have been working on my newest addition, Cae on the Cut. Another thing I have been focusing on is Tyla Glas Kitchen Garden, my business.

There is so much to tell you about in this blog I am honestly not sure where to start. But i have to begin somewhere so here I go. Big News recently is my mum and my sister have started doing parkrun. So far both of them have achieved PB’s EVERY TIME! I’m so proud of them.

Not much has been happening in my Garden/Allotment lately, apart from lots of tomatoes and beans and slight progress in my Christmas Tree. Something I must put on my To-do list is to plant some winter plants, especially Onions.

As I haven’t managed to write a blog for a long time, i still need to mention my summer canal holiday, you may or may not know that this time we started in a place called Wotton Wawen near Stratford-upon-Avon. What would take 10 minutes in the car took us more than a day on a boat. Taking on 116 locks in total during our holiday we traveled down to Stratford-upon-Avon on the Stratford canal and from the canal famous Kingswood Junction, traveled down the Grand Union eventually ending up not far from Warwick. From falling in to tackling the world famous Hatton Flight we had the time of our lives. And there’s no stopping us, we’ve already booked our next canal holiday on the Llangollen Canal in February which I definitely will record for Cae on the Cut,

On that note, Cae on the Cut is a YouTube channel that I have started to record all of my canal adventures. What better way to explore the canal network than to join me as i travel along enjoying life in the slow lane! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmUN3H7lvUSzPwAXZJFHPlw

After the very lovely summer holidays i had to make the massive transition to Comprehensive School, there were so many things that were there to prevent me from doing well but I’ve haven’t given up and I’ve tried my hardest. So far i am Class Rep, on the the Environment Council and in Fast Track in Welsh. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one that has helped me get too where I am. 👍

Now, some of you may recall that earlier this year i set myself a challenge to run a half marathon. Before the end of October. Sadly i haven’t managed to achieve this goal due to it being an extremely busy and stressful times but this doesn’t mean that i wont be taking on this challenge. My new aim is to achieve this sometime in the new year. Thanks for all you support with this, if you can give to this great charity, Children with Cancer, to support not only me running but also many children out there who need treatment. – https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CaerwynSaunders

Something else very exciting is that i have started scouts, my mum and dad both had scouts as a major part of their life’s, in fact thats how they met, and thank god they did otherwise I wouldn’t be here! The scout group i go to is run by my godfather and great family friend, John. I love it and so far we have lit fires, made charcoal, used Kelly kettles and learnt what to do in a situation involving hyperthermia!

And finally, something I briefly mentioned earlier, Tyla Glas Kitchen Garden my business where i sell all different types of gifts and plant seeds (That I’ve harvested from my own garden), available to buy from my web site (Outdoorcae.com) or eBay. We’ve had great feedback from ALL of our customers and they have been extremely pleased with their orders. For the second year running we are very excited to be attending the Christmas Tree Festival in my local church, where i will be selling some of our items (Including cakes and puddings made be my mum) where there are many other great activities going on. It would be great to see you there if you can make it,

Anyway i will stop babbling on now. Thanks for reading and

Keeeeeppppp Gaaarrrrrrddeeenniiinnngggg,


Caerwyn Saunders

3 thoughts on “I’ve been Busy!

  1. Great to read your blog again Cae. I don’t know how you manage to do everything that you manage to do. Keep it up. Will we see you at Xmas or will you be going skiing again? Take care, David (and Valerie).

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  2. Welcome back Cae! Crikey, I feel as if I’ve had a gigantic injection of adrenaline after reading about all your activities and how life has changed for you at secondary school. Can’t get over the fact that Mum and Del are now doing Park Runs. That’s fantastic. I also admire your various communication and business initiatives. Go Cae!
    See you at Christmas. Valerie X


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