A General Chit-Chat

Hello everyone,

Now, it has been a long time since the last blog but it has been a extremely busy few months. As some of you may or may not know, in September I am taking the next adventure in my life. Comprehensive school!!

I am absolutely petrified about this huge change in my life but i am a little bit more reassured that my sister has already made her move and she is loving it. In my present school we have quite a small group of Pupils, about 110 in the whole school. In that school i have had so many opportunities and i will certainly miss it. But its time for a new change, a new adventure.

Anyway I’ll stop babbling and get on and tell you about what i have been up to.


This will not be in Chronological Order

I’m going to start off with the Gardening Shows i have been to:

Since the Malvern Autumn Show last year (which i think I blogged about) i have been to 3 shows. RHS Cardiff in April, RHS Malvern Spring show in May and Gardeners World Live in June.

In both RHS shows i had a great time and bought many new items that are going to make my life as a gardener easier, including some new labels that are coloured, plastic and good for being organised. Which I’m not! I also bought a really good pencil that will show well on the labels but will also erase really well.

But by far Gardeners World Live was my favourite as always. I got to see Carol Klien and Alan Titmarsh on the Big Stage, and i also got a photo with Carol.

Also whilst walking around i saw many other ‘celebrities’ from Gardeners World. I loved this year because it was so busy and it was great to see so many people sharing the love of gardening. It was really weird this year because i felt like an expert because it was my 2nd year.

The good thing about this event is that included in the tickets was free entry to the BBC Good Food Summer Show, but this wasn’t as good as the Gardeners World Section as it was too busy (and there were so many alcohol stalls!!!).

Anyway, all in all it was a great weekend, yes a weekend.


My gardens are making an amazing amount of progress this year. Last year we also has amazing crop and quality of growth and i blamed it on beginners luck but this year the same has happened again, even if it is a little bit late (It all started so quickly early on in the year when we had the hot weather, but then slowed back down as the weather changed back to what we are used to in Wales).

We are making good progress on the front garden and i think it has absolutely been transformed – Take a journey back in time,

And now this is the stage we’re at

Lots of plants that we bought in Gardeners World have already been dug and planted into the garden. They’re looking great if i do says so myself.

Let’s talk allotment

Now I’ve got so much news about my allotment. The last time I blogged was in May and since then so much has happened. My tomato plants are coming along so well and we have loads of tomatoes starting to ripen so it wont be long before i am eating on my own tomatoes again. After a slow start my cucumbers finally started to grow and now they are really strong plants and have loads of flowers which will grow into strong cucumbers.

My sister, Delyth, and I are currently having a competition to who can grow the tallest sunflowers and i am currently winning. GET IN!

Whilst i am very pleased with most things in my allotment my dad & I have both agreed that our cold frame has not been a success. The actually measure of the plants growing was perfect and many things thrived in it but the quality of the materials the cold frame was made from is not good. In the first few weeks we noticed a cracking when we closed the lid. It got worse and one day when i opened it the lid fell off completely. We managed to tape it back together but we are now looking for something new and better quality for next year. We purchased it from Lidl and it cost £25.

My outside plants are making a significant amount of progress as-well, apart from the peas as some cheeky little rascal (A Bird) likes to nick my pea pods off my plants before i can get my hands on them. I’m also hoping to harvest some seeds from my plants that i can sell ready to grow in someone else’s garden next year.

Talking about selling. My business, Tyla Glas Kitchen Garden, has many items for sale that may be of interest to you. We sell lots of products online and on eBay. If you would like plants that are a bit more grown (Not Listed online) then message me on Social Media, email be via the contact page or comment below.

I currently have Runner Beans, Cucumbers and Marigold ready for sale and I’ll also have peas soon. (Some may not be listed on website)

Back to my front garden and as things are nearly finished we are looking at how the plants are doing and what can we do to make them more happy, because plants have feelings. 😀🌵

Our Water Lilly located in our rockery pond area is flowering and we cant wait to see it in full bloom, I’ll be honest I’ve never seen one before. We have built a patio so we have a comfortable spot in the garden to sit, relax and just take in the air if we want, we are now building a planter seat around the patio, and our longer term plans are to replace the fencing with similar planters the full length of the garden.

My dad & I have had great fun building the first section of our planter. As I mentioned above, around our pond we have a rockery area (probably raised about 1 meter of the ground). The rockery is so different to the other sections of our garden but in another aspect it fits in so well.

We have planted so many different plants in this area it is hard to decide which are my favourite. We have chosen these plants because of the factors they have and how well they fit with their surroundings.

Some of the plants we are growing are fruit trees, plants & bushes and i think they are an amazing choice for any garden, whether you have a patio, a small square of grass or 96 acres they will fit. They will happily grow in pots, planters or directly into their ground. They are the perfect plants for beginners, mainly because of the satisfaction of achieving growing your own food. Whether you have strawberries or bananas you still get the sense of pride whenever you get to pick them.

My apple trees also seem to have an awful lot of apples on. I wonder if any will drop off before they are ready to be picked?


I haven’t done much running lately and I really do need to get back on track and that is my plan for next week, one of the reasons is I have been so busy and I really need my sleep, however my normal running time is in the morning and this really doesn’t my sleeping pattern.

Most weeks i do parkrun which is a help but sometimes i just don’t get the chance.

The running I have done has been good. One week i did my home run (Pontypridd) and I ran naked and I got a ‘Royal Flush’. Don’t worry I didn’t run without clothes, this means I ran without my running watch 😂. The Royal Flush is the fact that I ran every kilometre faster than the one before (my dad ran with his watch).

Another week i did Llanelli Coast parkrun (A Bit of Tourism) and i got a PB (Personal Best) and you don’t understand how much that means to me. I hadn’t broken it for years and it was a boiling day. I was so proud. 🤓

Another reason i need to up my running is because in October i am running a half marathon for Children with Cancer UK. Which is a amazing charity that I believe deserves to have funding to help kids ring that crucial treatment bell. If you could please donate to this amazing cause and inspire me to finish the HM in one piece. Wish me Luck 🤞. Click Here


On Canal basis we are going on our next holiday soon and i am mega excited. We are going from a base called Wotton Wawen, which is on the Stratford Canal, which we visited whilst we were at Gardeners World Live. We also visited a place called Kingswood Junction which is where the canal meets the Grand Union and we are hoping we can visit here whilst we are own holiday.

A few weekends ago we went on a bike ride along the to the Crumlin Arm of the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal. We rode from Fourteen Locks up to the end of the canal at Cwmcarn, we loved this section and as it is our nearest we hope it can be restored and will become navigable pretty soon. We would also be happy to help in any restoration works that will take place.

Manor Adventure

I recently went on a residential trip with my school to mid wales to a place called Manor Adventure. We went from Wednesday to Friday and took part in Outdoor Pursuit Activities. I love that sort of thing so it was absolutely perfect. Apart from not sleeping either nights and not eating much i had a great time and took part in amazing things.

Some of the things included a Zip wire, Absailing, Canoeing, Kayaking. All the activities were really fun and i would definitely go again if i had the chance.

Transition Days

As i have mentioned above, I am moving to comprehensive school so we have transitions days where we go to the new school (Treorchy Comp) before hand to get used to the new surroundings. Today I went to St Fagans with them and it was so much fun.

I also met some new friends which will be usful for when i start in September. I’m looking forward to staying in touch with them.

ECO Council

As some of you may know I am on the Eco Council of my school, and as part of this I arranged for Balfour Beatty, the company my dad works for, to come to my school and build us a fantastic bug hotel, free of charge, which will attract insects to our school garden. This is fantastic news and we are very much looking forward to watching the insects move in and informing BB of the progress. So thanks Balfour Beatty, you did a great job


It was my birthday last week and i really enjoyed it and i had some really amazing presents. Thank you so much to anyone who gave me something i really love it. I turned 11 and i really do feel older😂

That’s about it now, if you would like more updates why not follow me on social media

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Thanks for reading and

Keeeepppp Garrdeennninng


Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone,

First I would like to start my wishing every one a very happy and Merry new year, I have a feeling that 2019 going to be a good one.

Now, during 2018 I was very fortunate and was able to do, and have many amazing things. Just one of these things included being able to celebrate Christmas in France on a skiing holiday. Skiing is something that I enjoy immensely, but is something that I am naturally not very skilled at.

As some of you may know, I live in Wales and France is a fair distance away, we had the option to drive or fly. We chose to drive down this year, so this meant a 5 hour drive to the ferry port to catch a ferry between Dover and Calais, then on the other side, drive 12 hours until we arrived at our destination.

This would have been incredibly tough to do without stopping as we did in a hotel by the port in Dover and stopping at services for loo breaks on the long drive down.

When we got in to our resort, Méribel-Mottaret, it was quite late so we unpacked and made our way to bed.

It was amazing waking up in another country, me and my dad got up first and went out to get our breakfast, which we ate, and then went skiing.

The snow at the start of the week was quite good but when we got further into the week it got thin and icy.

I loved the holiday and I received my wish, A White Christmas, 🎄 ❄️.

Now, because I haven’t done a blog for a while, I have some things that happened a few months back.

On Children in Need day, my school were off for a teacher training day, so me and my mum climbed Pen Y Fan.

The weather on that day was fine, but when we got higher up it was so windy. When I was climbing the stones to get to the sign I was almost blown off.

Also a while back I had a bike course session in school. Everyone in Year 6 brought their bikes in and we had someone from the council teaching us how to ride our bikes safely. 🚲

I was also involved with an cross country running event. Myself and some of the others were chosen by our headmaster to compete against other children in a running race. It was great fun and it was nice to practice my speed instead of my distance. 🏃‍♂️

As I’m talking about running, I should mention that on New Year’s Day I did a parkrun double. This means that I ran a parkrun at 9:00 in Newport and then at 10:30 ran another parkrun at Riverfront. I thought that the parkruns where very well organised and it was lovely to sing Auld Langs Syne at the start as well.

If you are a regular reader you may know that every Christmas Day I have a photo of me and my dad wearing our Marathon Talk Kit. Marathon Talk is a great podcast made by 2 people called Martin and Tom who are very inspirational and also very good runners. This year we had our photo whilst on holiday in France!

Today I have been catching up with our allotment. This year I am fully in charge as my dad is a little bit busier than last year. I have been making progress by removing weeds, removing old tomato plants and raking out the soil, to see my vlogs on my progress visit my YouTube channel, Outdoorcae

Another thing I have done recently is go to my first rock concert! Like my parents I like my music and I really like Def Leppard. It was amazing. Noisy and fun, just how I like it. Check out my Facebook page for photos.

For my main Christmas present I had a keyboard, I have wanted to learn to play for ages but simply didn’t have the place or the time. I can now play twinkle twinkle little star on the piano. Here I am.

Today’s blog was only a quick one as I was eager to get the past written and blogged about and then move on to the present.

You can get in touch by Facebook page (Outdoorcae) my Twitter page (@Outdoorcae) and my Instagram (Outdoorcae). And as always please remember to check out my business (Tyla Glas Kitchen Garden) on my blog and on eBay.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a great new year.


It’s been a while

Hi Everyone

Sorry its been so long since my last blog but I’ve been busy. But on the flip side that means I have loads to write about.

RHS Autumn Malvern Show

The first thing I’m going to talk about is my trip to the RHS Autumn Malvern Show. As regular readers of my blog will know, I do like a good RHS show. In the past I’ve blogged about my visits to the Cardiff and Malvern (Spring) shows and also my trip to the Gardeners World Live show in the Birmingham. Well a few weeks ago, my family and I went up to the Malvern Show Ground for the autumn show, I was a little bit concerned what there would be to see at this time of year, but there was loads. It ranged from bulbs and seeds ready for planting for next year to fruit and veg that had been harvested. They also had a whole marquee just for Giant Veg, and some of the veg were HUGE, you may have seen a section on this on last weeks Gardeners World.

I also saw Pineapples growing, which is the first time I had seen this.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and we spent a lot of time walking around the showground enjoying all the different displays & stalls. There was even an area dedicated to bees and honey, and as most of you will know I love bees so I loved spending time in this section. My father and sister tried some of the different honeys that were available and ended up buying a jar of a funny white coloured honey that they said was lovely, I don’t like honey so didn’t try any. My sister then had her photo taken with a big massive bug.

But the highlight of the show was meeting Carol Klein, for those of you who read my blog about the Gardeners World Live show you’ll know that I really admire the work Carol does and I got to meet her for the first time. Well this time we got to watch her do a Q&A session and then I met her again and she remembered me 🙂

My Gardens

Well its been busy few weeks in the gardens, the veg in the allotment is starting to come to an end which means I’ve been busy sorting out bits out. I’ve picked the last of the summer carrots, but now planted my winter carrots out (they’ve been coming along nicely in the greenhouse for a few weeks) – I’m not sure whether they’ll survive the winter but if they do we’ll hopefully have some nice ones for Christmas

I still have loads of cucumbers growing and actually picked a trug load yesterday.

All my cucumbers in the greenhouse have now finished so I’ve cut down the plants and put them, along with the growbags in one of the compost bins. I’ve also trimmed my outside cucumber plants and just left a few to support the last load which I think I’ll probably pick next week.

My runner beans are now passed their best and I’m just letting the remaining veg go to seed so I can harvest these and store ready for next year. I’m also selling seeds i’ve harvested on my website and eBay, check them out if you’re interested. I’ll then cut down the plants and add them to the compost.

My sweetcorn seemed to be doing really well but now I’ve picked some, the kernels are still really small and hard but I don’t think they ripen any more, so I don’t know what I’ve done wrong with those. Anyway, I’ll try them again next year.

My Sprouts are looking really good and I’m going to start harvesting some of the fruit off the lower sections soon, hopefully they’ll keep on coming right through to Christmas.

I’m also trying to grow some potatoes for the winter, I’m growing them in bags and keep topping up the soil when the shoots start to show. They were slow starting so i moved the bags into the greenhouse and they seem to be doing really well now.

The last thing to mention about my allotment is most of my tomatoes in the green house have finished and the plants etc have been composted, I think I have about 4 plants left with a few tomatoes on which I will probably pick this weekend. Then its a matter of cleaning the greenhouse and getting it ready for winter.

We’ve been even busier in our front garden. As most of you will know we have removed our front lawn and replacing it with planted areas. We’re still digging beds and buying more and more plants to put in. My mum is the really good at chosing different plants and also deciding where to put them, and me and my dad then do the planting. We’ve got so many different plants that I can’t name them all, but off the top of my head we have; lavenders, a plum-tree, two apple trees, lots of different roses and camellias. I’ll try to remember to take some photos of the other plants for my next blog. We have also put in a second water feature which make the garden sound lovely. We were busy working in the garden on sunday and there were so many bees, so they obviously love the plants as well.

We’ve been having problems with cats pooing in our garden so we’ve put in two ultrasonic devices that give off a high pitch sounds when they are triggered and so far they seem to be working. Click here which will take you to the amazon page of what we bought.

We’ve also starting covering the areas we’ve finished with a small stone called Solent Gold, i think it really finishes the garden nicely and it will look even better when the plants start to fill out as time moves on.


I’ve got quite a lot to talk about with my running.

The first thing is I successfully completed my challenge!

For those of you who have read my earlier blogs you’ll know I set myself a challenge of running 12km at some point in September. This was far further than I had ever run before so it was a big challenge. I was doing it to raise money for a charity called Children With Cancer who do great work to try to end the horrible disease. I did train for the run so when the day of my challenge came I was prepared, however it was still hard. But I’m so glad I did it.

So far I’ve raised about £450 (Online and cash) but really want to get over so £500, so if you could spare any cash please sponsor me by clicking here.

My school running club has restarted which is great, so I am busy training at club for a Cross Country competition later this week. I think it’s only 1.5km so the distance isn’t a problem, but I’m just doing it for the experience and because I love running.

My parkrunning is also going really well, I ran two weekends ago and decided to do it naked, no this isn’t running without clothes its running without any gadgets. So for the first time in a long time I ran without my sports watch so had no idea how fast i was running. I was shocked at the end to find that I had almost run a PB. My dad ran with his watch so we managed to upload the run to Strava, because those runners of you know that if a run isn’t on Strava then it never happened!!

Well that run was my 59th adult parkrun and my dad 199th. We were both really looking forward to doing our 60th and 200th on Pontypridd parkun’s 5th birthday which was the weekend before last. However, storm ‘blinkin’ Callum got in the way. The weather in South Wales was horrendous which resulted in most of the parkruns down here being cancelled.

So we had to delay our parkruns to last weekend and the weather couldn’t have been anymore different from the weekend before. It was such a beautiful bright autumn day with leaves on the ground, and when we got running it was actually very warm. I didnt run a PB but did run another great time, and also took photos of my dad doing his 200th parkrun. However, what really made my day was the fact that I got to meet Darren Wood who is the person who has done the most parkruns in the world, this run was his 689th parkrun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow that is over 13 years of running every saturday morning which is just incredible.

Canoe Club

Well canoe club has been great since we got back into the pool after the summer, a few weeks ago I wore a spraydeck for the first time. A spraydeck is like a skirt you wear that fits over the cockpit of the boat to stop water getting in. Now I can wear one of these I can do a load more things. I’ve learnt how to do rescues and now I’m learning how to roll, so if I do capsize I can roll back up without having to get out of the boat. My dad is teaching me, he’s not very good but he is starting to get better.

Other Things

As I’ve already said I live in South Wales and the weekend before last the weather was terrible with the wind and rain nonstop for a few days. This lead to loads of flooding and roads being closed because of trees falling over and landslides. We spent the weekend at our caravan, which may have seemed a strange thing to do in the bad weather but we had a brilliant time. The caravan was lovely and warm and cosy and we just relaxed and watched films.

The weekend before last we went for a family walk/cycle (Me and my sister cycled) along the Neath Canal. It was a lovely day and we just enjoyed the nice long walk/cycle.

After months of talking about it, we’ve finally booked our skiing holiday for this season. We’re off to a new resort for us called Meribel Mottaret and I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to getting to the dry slope in Cardiff for a few sessions before we go to brush up on my skills so I can make the most of our time on the snow. I’ll keep you posted on how these sessions go.

If you’ve read my last few posts you’ll know that I’ve started a small family business selling things like seeds I’ve harvested from my plants and home made greetings cards.  This business is called Tyla Glas Kitchen Garden. At the moment I have quite a few different types of seeds for sale which include, lovely marigolds, runner beans, pansies and loads more. If you’re interested in any of these you can buy them by either clicking the link on my blog homepage (Here), or you can go to my newly created ebay page.

If you want to contact then please do on one of the following:

Twitter – @outdoorcae

Facebook – Outdoorcae Blog


Until next time – keeeeeeeeeeepppppp Garrrdddeennnniiinnnggg

Time for a Catchup

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all have had a nice few weeks since my last blog, I know I certainly have!

I’ve been saving all my pocket-money for over a year until I had enough saved up to by myself an Apple Watch. Well a few weeks ago I finally had enough and my dad took me to the Apple Store in Cardiff to get one – and I LOVE IT. It does everything that i want it to do and even better the strap doesn’t give me a rash like most watch straps. I even use it to track all my exercise and I have a daily competition with my dad, and everyone else i know who has one to try to do the most exercise, steps, hours standing and everything else the watch measures.


Last week I went back to school after our long summer holiday and as much as I enjoyed the holidays I was glad to be back in school as I do enjoy it. I am now in Year 6 which is my last year in primary school and I was lucky enough to be chosen by my fellow pupils and staff to be Head Boy for my last year. I am so proud that i have been asked to be Head Boy and can’t wait for my new badge to arrive so I can wear it on my uniform.

With this being my last year I will be having lots of visits to my new Comprehensive School, the first of these is in an Open Evening this Thursday. I’m so excited to be going to comp next year and can’t wait to start all the new lessons and meet new friends.


We’ve had a really busy few weeks in the gardens. Most of the plants in the allotment are starting to come to the end of their season but we are still getting quite a lot of beans, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes. The rest of the ground is being made ready for either next seasons plants or for some things we are going to grow over the winter. We already have potatoes, carrots and parsnips in which I’m hoping will be ready in time for Christmas Lunch.


When my little cousin Jess visited a few weeks ago she planted some carrot seeds, they are growing nicely in our greenhouse


With the work in the allotment slowing down we have been really busy in our front garden. I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before, but as long as we have lived here it has been a lawn that we have planted around the outside, but we never really go in this garden. So we’ve decided to dig up the lawn and fill the area with different plant with paths running through leading around the garden to seating areas and the ponds (We have 2). We are still working hard at it but here’s a few photos of some of the progress we have made.

As you will know if you have read some of my earlier blogs, I LOVE Bees. So to add to our front garden we have put in a hive. This isn’t a normal traditional, hive but is called a Gardeners Hive. We have set it up and now wait and hope that bees decide to move in. I think we are probably too late for this year as bees don’t tend to split their hives (Swarm) at this time of year as they are getting them ready to survive the winter.


As you probably already know, as I can’t stop going on about it, my family and I have set up a small family business called Tyla Glas Kitchen Garden. We are starting small and at the moment are selling things like plant seeds (harvested from our plants), homemade greetings cards and homemade christmas decorations. If you are interested in seeing some of our stock you can click here.

We have loads more seeds that are nearly ready for selling so keep checking the website as we increase our stock.


I’m still running even though I havent done as many parkruns as I would have liked recently but we have been busy on weekends. However, I hope to change that and get back to doing my weekly parkrun very soon.

As you probably already know I set myself a challenge of doing a 12km run sometime in September. This is far greater than I have run before and I am training hard. So far I have completed a 9km run and have a 10km planned for tomorrow. I have only 2 weeks or so to run the full 12km in one go, which will be a real challenge.


Apart from this being a challenge for me (and I like setting myself challenges) I am doing it to try to raise some money to help a great charity called Children With Cancer. You can read about the great work they do by clicking on the link.

I have raised over £200 so far, but the more I raise the more it will help the charity so if you can, please sponsor me HERE

Other Things

Another good thing about the school holidays being over is that my Canoe Club has restarted. I love canoeing and kayaking and am so happy that I can do this again every week.

When my cousins were staying at our caravan with us a few weeks ago the weather wasnt great, but this didn’t stop us having fun and on one of the days we climbed the big mountain by the caravan. It was great fun even if we all did get very wet.


Last week we had a trip to a National Trust Property that we hadn’t been to before called Brockhampton Estate which was near Hereford. It was a lovely place and we did lots of things while there. These included building a model of a timber frame house (As this was the make up of the main house on the estate), relaxed on a swing and even picked a load Damsons that we took home and turned into lots of lovely Jam.

The only downside to our visit was the cafe’s which weren’t up the the usual National Trust standard.

Now I have a bit more time I’ve started to post more VLOGS on my YouTube channel and will hopefully start redoing my Podcast soon. If you want to listen to the Podcast I have done so far they are on soundcloud or iTunes.

If you have any questions, queries or comments or just want to contact me you can on one of the following:

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Email – Outdoorcae@outlook.com

Keeeepppppp Garddddeennninngggg


Dartmouth and other Adventures

Hello Readers,

Sorry for the last month or so, I’ve been playing MegaCubeX on my Xbox in my bedroom with the curtains closed!!!!!!!

Only Joking! That’s why I am called Outdoorcae!

I have just come in from watering the allotment, I don’t normally do that job but for a change I thought I would catch up how things were going up there.

As some of you may know, I am currently off school for the 6 weeks holiday that all children get!  My mother has recently been making some amazing cakes! Her Lemon drizzle are my favourite.

Earlier I went in my hot tub for an hour this time without my massive enormous swan! (see my blog entitled Swan Invasion!) If you have been reading my blogs for a while you will know what that meant!

In School I worked hard ALL year and achieved the award of Year 5 pupil of the Year 2018! This is the fourth time I have won Pupil of the Year throughout my school life.

If you live in the UK you will know what our weather is usually like (Even in the summer), however this year we have had one big long heat wave with temperatures getting up to at least 45 degrees in my greenhouse – who needs to go abroad!!!

Last week my Mum, Dad and I had a massive sort out in our allotment, we dug a few of our bean plants that had died because of having an infestation of black flies (I think they are called aphids), our early pea plants that had stopped produced peas, another bag full of lovely new potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, Kale, and beetroot. A lot of this we used in our sunday roast chicken dinner that I helped my smelly dad make.

Having cleared all this we were left with space to plant more, so over the last few days i have gradually been planting some more veg, eg radish, carrots, potatoes, beetroot & lettuce. I’ve also left space to plant more next week so we will hopefully get our next harvest spread out rather than all at the same time. It maybe a bit late in the season to plant some of these but you never know with the weather we have been having they may be ok.

I also picked a few cucumbers and a lot of tomatoes from both inside and outside the greenhouse.

We also cut down the brambles that were hanging over our allotment from our next door neighbours garden. All the waste helped to fill our compost bin right to the top.

As i left to go to school on one of the last days of term i noticed that the apples on my apple trees had got much bigger and were starting to ripen, hopefully one or two will be ready for september when i go back to school as I love picking them on my way to school and eating them for my mid morning snack.

I think I may have mentioned my sunflowers a few times before, but the ones that came from seeds that i bought have had to be chopped down as the had past their best, and the heads were so big they were making the plants bend right over which was damaging some of my other plants. I have kept the sunflower heads and they are drying out in my greenhouse, there are thousands of seeds in each head (Which I think is incredible). However, the sunflowers that i have grown from the seeds that i was given by Joe and Angharad are still growing.  The flower heads are starting to form but are not yet in bloom and they are still getting taller.

My chillies and peppers which are growing in my greenhouse seem to be doing really well

I was on holiday last week which is why i didn’t post a blog as I was too busy enjoying being outdoors. Whilst I was away my amazing grandfather volunteered to water our gardens and allotment.

My holiday was in Dartmouth, in South Devon. My father used to go here when he was a child so he has been really eager to show me and my sister what he always described as amazing. I now know why he loves the place so much.

Whilst we were away we did a range of activities, and I’m going to mention a few of the things we did. We went to the holiday home of the inspiring author Agatha Christie which is called Greenway House and is a National Trust propert, which is good for us as we are members. Rather than driving to the property like we usually do we travelled in the unusual fashion of catching boat from Dartmouth directly to the quay at Greenway House, passing Agatha Christies famous boathouse on the way. This boathouse was the scene of one of her most famous books – Dead Man’s Folly.

We also had the pleasure of visiting another National Trust Property called Coleton Fishacre which was the home of the people who used to own the Savoy Hotel in London. The house was really nice but it was the gardens that really impressed me. They were very big and full of amazing flowers. These flowers really attracted the bees and there were thousands all over the garden, which if you have read my other blogs really pleased me as I am a beekeeper and love them. The garden sloped away right to the cliffs overlooking the English Channel and the views were amazing.

On the opposite side of the river Dart is a village called Kingswear, where there is a railway station. This station is part of the Dart Steam Railway and on way day of our holiday we caught a ferry across the river and then had a Steam Train Ride from Kingswear to Paignton. The name of the locomotive that pulled us to Paignton was called Braveheart. We had a quick walk around Paignton but didn’t like it at all so caught another train called Lyndon Manor back. The carriage we travelled back in was called Anna which is funny as that is the name of one of my Aunties.

One evening we drove to a local beach called Blackpool Sands which was lovely but the thing that really caught my attention was the fact that they had the equipment for a 2 minute beach clean

The weather was so nice while we were away that we took a few dips in the creek where we were staying and also in the sea at a cove called Castle Cove. The water was so amazingly clear and beautifully clean.

My sister and I took turns using our bodyboard, even though the water was really calm with no waves we still had fun jumping on the board and falling in the water when we werent expecting it.

My mum is very good at catching crabs and showed me how to do it using crabbing equipment and bait. We tried different types of bait but found that the crabs in Dartmouth must be quite posh as they only seem to like M&S bacon

As most of you will know i love running and in particular i LOVE running parkrun and have done well over 50 adult parkruns now. Well a few weeks ago my dad and I decided we wanted to try and do the parkrun alphabet, which is to try and run a parkrun beginning with each letter of the alphabet. So on the way down to Dartmouth we stayed in Exeter the night before so we could do Killerton parkun. This was a beautiful trail run around the ground of Killerton House, but more importantly ticks ‘K’ of our alphabet list.

We have a list of parkruns beginning with letters that we haven’t yet ticked off and we are hoping to start getting to some of these soon.

While we were away in Dartmouth, my dad and I ran quite a bit (Well he did every morning but i wanted a lie in some days). We ran from our apartment in Warfleet down to Dartmouth castle and took in the beautiful views looking out to see, before we then ran back into Dartmouth town and along the river front and around the town. While we were in the town we usually picked up breakfast for the family to eat when we got back to where we were staying.

I am a member of Rhondda Paddlers Canoe Club and a few weeks ago we had our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and in this meeting I was voted onto the committee as the junior representative. One of the things that I am keen to do in my new role is to help with club fundraising, and the first thing I am trying to do is get people to use the Easy Fundraising Web Site when shopping on line. If people then use this website the club will get donations for all online shopping they do. Click on this link if you are interested in helping me fundraise for our club

Rhondda Paddlers

Unfortuately the club has now finished for the summer but will be starting again soon when we go back to school.

In one of my recent blogs I talked about my birthday trip to Llangorse climbing centre, will here are a few photos of that brilliant day.

Click here

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But bye for now!

Keeepppp Garrdeeenninggg


General Updates!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been planning to do a blog for a long time giving you a full update on how everything is going in the allotment, I will see if I can write it and display lots of photos and then publish it in the week!

My birthday is the next approaching event and I am so so excited, I have made my birthday list and it is hung up in pride of place on my fridge, (I am really hoping for dogs)!

Over Half term I have been away at my Caravan but back at my allotment my plants were almost calling out for water, every night I popped home just to feed them!

We are now regularly picking radish and lettuce which my mother and father really like. Also we are picking strawberries which saying I love is an understatement! Also my sister really likes spring onions.

In my greenhouse I love growing anything that I can get my hands on, Cucumbers were one of my exceptions however as I grew a few then gave up, but I did plant some more a little time after and bought one from RHS Cardiff!

When I came to check one night I saw that there was a cucumber sitting there as if he was having a relaxing lay on a lounger in Spain! I was so startled I actually told everyone I could think of!

Earlier I got my dad to drive me down to my grans because I wanted to give her some of my tomato plants! I have grown so many different plants and we have loads as everything we planted grew!

Here’s a collection of photos of my tomatoes. I have used google drive so all you need to do is click on this link – Click here

Soon it’s about time to start thinking about what I’m going to sow next, now I have grown most of my veg and will soon be picking it it’s probably about time to start new plants in the greenhouse, then when we have eaten all of what we currently have growing we can make space to start winter crops.

As my Favourite parkrun was cancelled on the weekend I chose to go to a new one called Riverfront! When I first thought about it I assumed that it would be along the main road and by a river! But I was wrong! When we arrived (Me and my Dad) we followed some marshals and found our way to the start line!

When we started running we left the main road and made our way to a lovely coastal path! It was not at all what I expected and that is in a good way!

Also on Apple notes I have made a list of my parkrun ABC which is a list of parkruns that begin with every letter in the alphabet,

If I go to canoe club this week I have got a brand new wet suit! Wet suits are designed so when water goes inside the suit it fills up, keeps you warm and stops other water from getting in! I think they are very well planned out!

Some Friday nights my family and I go to our caravan and that’s exactly what we did over half term! When we were away we still had to come back every night to check how the garden was doing! We still had lots of fun and we were constantly either playing games, cycling or going on long walks.

We went for lots of walks and visited some of our favourite places.

One late evening we were down for a walk in the country park when I said to my dad those bee hives over there look dead, we don’t know if this is true but as far as we can find out they were absolutely dead,

As I am a eco councillor in my school it is my job to make sure that our local community stays as environmentally friendly as possible,

This week I noticed in my weekly copy of First News that on Tuesday the 5th of June it is World Environment day and I decided that my school should do something special on this day, our topic this year is Plastic Waste and we are doing all that we possibly can to help save the planet.

And Finally, Me and my mum built a wigwam out of sticks and bin bags! Here’s some quick photos to show you our masterpiece,

The next day it was falling down so as a early birthday present I had this from Argos!

For the next two nights then I slept in there and had all my meals in there! What a silly billy I am!

Just a few reminders,

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That’s about it from me today but this week I am focusing on the blog so look out for more of my adventures here at Outdoorcae

Keeepppp Garddeennnniinnnggg and enjoying everything outdoors!!


Outdoorcae Podcast

Hellooooo Everyone,

By the title of this blog you’re probably thinking, what an OUTDOORCAE podcast why have I not heard of this before? well its brand new. Every week I will be recording an audio version of what I blog and vlog about and uploading this, further details of how, where and when to download this podcast will be on here & on my Twitter Profile (@Outdoorcae) once i have finalised the details.

Also I would to say a huge thank you to all my brand new followers and viewers (on my YouTube channel) for coming to my blog and saying you enjoy what I do.

On Saturday, I went to the RHS Malvern show and it was amazing, I met the famous @Tonydesaulles and he signed a copy of his latest book for me. The book is called Bee Boy, the clash of the killer queen!

The book is about a boy beekeeper who keeps his bees on the top of the block of flats where he lives and when he has to read his school project in front of the whole school everything goes wrong. After school he uses his smoker to calm the bees down and he turns him self into a bee! I’m not going to spoil it for you so read the book to find out more about his bee-tastic adventures

My thoughts on the book – I thought the book was an excellent read and it drags you in to make sure you carry on reading, if I was a real book reviewer i would give this book 5 STARS!


We bought lots of plants but also another camellia, my mum is absolutely addicted to them and they do look so beautiful. The new one is called ‘Hybrid Spring Festival’ and it can be seen in the photo below (I think we may have a monster infestation in it already!)


We also bought a new water Lilly which will look lovely at the bottom of the garden!

Heres a collection of pictures of me in gardening vehicles

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we were in one of the marques in the show, we got some of theses Lilly bulbs which will hopefully look amazing! I’ll posts some updates as they start to grow.

On Sunday I went on my Bee course and the bees were wild! But i suppose what can i expect when i am opening up their homes. The photo below shows me inspecting one of the brood frames in a Poly Hive (Its made from polystyrene).


A few tried to sting me but didn’t get the chance as I had my very thick gloves on as you can see in the picture.

Also when we got to the apiary we had to transfer an existing bee colony from their old hive into a new one! The white hive is called a WBC (Invented by someone called William Broughton Carr) and the old one we took them out of was called a national (There are so many different types of hives)

My dad’s friend, John, has just had his new bees and I’m hoping he’ll invite us to go and see them one day soon.

Also in the post this week arrived my new blogging book which i will write a review for in a later post and also in one of my Podcasts.k%4mxyDkSj+IL8OYxcmxzQ

Finally for my podcast I will need Questions\Commemnts that i can read out and or answer. This is so, so important to start me off. So one last time, PLEASE ask me something to put in my podcast.


Thanks for everyone’s support

and remember to

Keeeppp Gardddennninggg